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HANX Starter Pack (40% Off RRP!)



Nice to meet you. Whether you’re new around these (private) parts or looking to send a gift to the one who makes your DMs ping, we’ve brought together our HANX classics in one handy Starter Pack just for you - at 40% off. Inside is:

  • Our signature 3-pack of luxurious ultra-thin Condoms
  • Our water-based, silky smooth Lubricant (50ml)
  • A handy cotton drawstring mini pouch
  • An on-the-go Condom sample
  • An on-the-go Lube sample

Treating somebody special? How selfless. Add our Subtle Zip Pouch to up the ante.

Why we love it:

New to Lubricant? Making the break from hormonal contraception? This Pack is ideal for getting to know us and getting to know how you like it, too.


Living with your parents/nosy housemates/pets/in-laws? We’ve got you. All our packaging is ultra-discreet, so you can receive your HANX delivery without a side serving of awkward questions...

Tried and tested

All in all, I think the Hanx condoms are great and so is their customer service. The subscription service worked flawlessly for me and I really appreciate the tasteful design of the box too. Great, if you're looking for vegan & fair condoms to protect you.

Françoise - Trustpilot

Love the subscription service which means I never have to worry about going without! You can manage the subscription to suit your needs (eg. update details, skip a month, increase or decrease frequency of deliveries) with ease. Perfecto.


Best quality you could hope for - there is total transparency with the ingredients, so much better for your sexual health than mainstream brands.

Roxane - Trustpilot

Best products, best content, best brand. Nothing like it, ought to be stocked everywhere (and their site made available in schools).

Sam - Trustpilot

Everything about this brand is a game-changer. From the product itself to the customer service, highly informative and fun website, finally, a brand that feels progressive and open, like all contraception products and sex chat should be! (Oh and I'm also in love with the packaging!) THANK YOU.

Katherine L. - Trustpilot

I really like Hanx condoms. We have tried a few different brands and find often they come off and smell bad, AND the box is wrapped in a plastic film which can't be recycled. Hanx has thought about all of these things and really improved the condom experience, and they are delivered straight to your door in discrete packaging, which means no more awkward cashier experiences. And the branding is quite stylish too, which doesn't hurt.

Lydia - Trustpilot

Hanx condoms are ace. They're made from natural materials, no unneccessary or horrible chemicals. Buying online dead easy, they arrive in the post super quick and in discrete packaging. Customer service is fast & friendly. And perhaps most importantly of all... out of all condoms on the market this by far feel the best.

Sam - Trustpilot

I've found a lot of irritation from different condoms despite having no allergies to latex or silicone. Hanx condoms are by far the most comfortable, there's no wrinkling of the material, and the vegan rubber is so smooth and durable.

Emma - Trustpilot

The hanx lubricant is also amazing, super thick for a water based lube I'm really impressed!!

Emma - Trustpilot

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Burning questions?

Are HANX condoms safe?

Yes, HANX condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. Condoms are a reliable protection but no contraceptive can protect 100% against pregnancy, HIV and/or sexually transmitted infections.

How thin are your condoms?

Condoms don’t get much thinner. Ours are only about 0.05500000mm thick. Struggling to picture how thin that is? Same. So we looked it up. And to use a very topical analogy, it’s roughly the width of one lonely, little pube.

So, what's the difference between Standard and Large Size?

It's all about the width, baby. Standard: Nominal width = 52mm, Length = 180mm.

Large Size: Nominal width = 54mm, Length = 190mm.

Are HANX condoms vegan?

Absolutely! Our condoms are free-from animal by-products such as casein (often found in other condoms) and we are officially certified by The Vegan Society.

What are HANX condoms made from?

100% Fair Rubber latex.

What does clean-scented mean?

Our condoms have a very light scent (Nivesse) to counteract the natural latex scent.

Love your condoms, how can I get HANX on the regular?

Sign for a subscription to get free UK shipping and 15% OFF your first order.

Is HANX Lubricant suitable for oral, anal and vaginal sex?

You bet! It's gentle, pH-balanced, flavourless, vegan and safe to ingest.

Any hidden chemicals or nasties in that bottle?

Nope - no harsh spermicides, zero unnecessary chemicals.

Is this suitable for use when trying to conceive?

Yes, HANX Lubricant is as gentle as possible and spermicide-free.

Can you use HANX lubricant on other parts of the body?

Yes! HANX lube is body-safe, meaning you can use it wherever you want. Go forth and lube!