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Is This Clit Sucker Better Than Oral Sex?

Is This Clit Sucker Better Than Oral Sex?

Real talk from Condom Towers (aka HANX HQ): one of the biggest misconceptions about clit sucker toys is how exactly they work. When we quizzed our friends, housemates and frankly, random desk neighbours at our office, there was a good deal of confusion about the mechanics of the trendiest toy in town. No, they are not ‘like a hoover’ - they will not vacuum up your clitoris, nor are they going to leave you walking like a cowboy the next day. What clitoral suction toys do do is create a comfortable level of sucking via air pressure, which combined with pulsing vibration, is a direct train to Pleasureville. New to the world of clit suckers? Here are four reasons why they should be your new bedroom BFF:


You want more intense orgasms

For those in the know, clit suckers are renowned for delivering orgasms swiftly, and with a little extra spice. When developing our own clit toy, Cindy, we brought together a select group of the horniest HANX lovers to find out what really made them moan - and they were all about the clit, baby. A clit sucker has a roughly five pence piece sized dimple, or nozzle, which is designed to fit over your clitoris and create a comfortable, not constrictive, suction effect. When combined with vibration, it can get you off faster, make you feel even more aroused than usual and result in a more intense climax. With 10 different frequencies of vibration, from gentle to pop-some-ear-plugs-through-next-door’s-letterbox, we made sure Cindy delivers outrageous effects. We’ve never had so much fun product-testing - and our community agrees:


“See, most of the toys you can buy say that they’re the best and you’ll be in heaven blah blah but Cindy not only makes those promises - she delivers!
This is a toy that will get you there, every time, in record time. And when I say she’ll get you there, I mean she crashes through the front door and says “hey b****es it’s me!!” And leaves you breathless.” - Laura C

“I've been a regular buyer of HANX condoms for the last year and I've loved them, so I was excited when they launched their new toy 'Cindy' - let me tell you, she did not disappoint! Discreet, powerful and lots of fun...I would highly recommend buying one for yourself, or as a present for a partner.” - J.L.


You love oral sex

Cunnilingus without the small talk? We’re in. Those fed up of enduring dating app dullards in the hope of some head might just be able to cancel their next hookup… Super fans of clit suckers sometimes testify that the sensation mimics the feel of oral sex. It’s a very personal and sexy take, and if you’re into it, we love that for you. Personally, we’ve found that the higher settings of Cindy are far, far more intense than having someone going down on you (unless you’ve hit the absolute jackpot). However, the more gentle settings combined with a pump or two or water-based Lube can really get our imaginations going…


Penetration is painful, uncomfortable or just not for you

Whether you’re navigating a vaginal health condition such as vaginismus, recovering postpartum, find penetration painful or simply aren’t a big fan, a clit sucker can be an incredible addition to your sex life. As the action is all focused on your clitoris (or nipples, or other sensitive erogenous zones!), you get all of the pleasure without any PIV. Here are a few of our favourite positions for getting it on with Cindy.


You can use it in partnered sex, too

We’ll be honest: a clit sucker is our absolute go-to for solo-pleasure marathons, but we’re even bigger fans of a versatile toy. There’s nothing worse than an expensive toy that gathers dust until the perfect scenario pops up. Luckily, clit suckers like Cindy can be brought into partnered sex, too. As a small, palm sized toy, it’s perfect for stimulating your clit during penetrative vaginal or anal play, or even for your hot date to use alongside their tongue and amp up their oral sex game. There’s a pervasive misconception that sex toys are purely for masturbation, or that they’re intimidating for the person you’re sleeping with - ‘something to compete with’. In our experience, the very opposite is true. (Making someone you fancy climax with just a few touches? We bow before ye mighty silicone gods!). We highly encourage getting creative with your partner/s, and using toys can bring a whole new level of excitement to the equation, as our community can vouch:

“ a 100% big O success! My partner loves it too as it intensifies sex for him when I use it.” - Emma Louise

I’ve always been shy about getting a vibrator but since it was my namesake I decided to give it a try and wow - it does not disappoint. Really great little stimulator and having fun with my partner with it.” - Cindy


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