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Subtle Zip Pouch


We believe it's time the world stopping being weird about our sex lives.

Meet the Subtle Pouch. 😉
Crafted in blush pink organic cotton with a classic zip, it's printed with a cheeky message that goes out to all the nosey ones out there.

It's roomy enough to fit a 10 Pack of Condoms, plus bathroom essentials, your fave sex toy or lots of secrets. Your choice.

Tried and tested

"Such a fast, convenient service without having to go to the GP for my pill. So glad we can do this now."

Kirsty - Trustpilot

"This is my first order with Hanx and so far so good. The item was delivered promptly and was good quality. More than that, it actually worked - where other products had not and where the NHS had simply not been able to help me."

Jill - Trustpilot

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Burning questions?

How big is the Subtle Zip Pouch?

We believe size isn't everything - but our pouch does level up at 30cm by 30cm.

What does 'Nothing To See Here' mean?

It's a cheeky play on the societal stigma around carrying condoms. We believe it's time the world stopped being weird about our sex lives. Does it start with a cute zip pouch for your condoms? Maybe. Does it look good? Definitely.