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That's how I like it.

Our Story

Why we made it

Hanx’s story all began when co-founders, Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh spotted a gap in the market for discreet contraceptives. Farah, working in investment banking, realised that the combination of garish packaging and being located next to pregnancy kits was an off-putting factor for many women. Add to this the fact that women are often stigmatized and seen as promiscuous for carrying condoms. So, imagine buying condoms on your lunch break, and being seen by your boss who’s behind you in the queue. The horror.

It was this experience that got the childhood friends talking. Sarah, a medical doctor with experience in gynaecology and sexual health, noted how absurd it is that in this day and age buying and carrying condoms as a woman is still taboo. Farah and Sarah created Hanx, a new stylish and luxurious pack of condoms that women are proud to be seen with and carry. Sold in places intuitive to women as well as an online subscription.

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Meet the world’s only luxurious condom designed by women for women

Our condom has been designed to empower women, that’s why it’s available in female-intuitive places like yoga studios, beauty salons, and lingerie shops. However, if it’s convenience you’re after we recommend signing up to our subscription service to get it delivered to your door.


Our vision

For too long, women buying and carrying condoms have been seen as sleazy and easy. They’ve carried the shame and put up with unfair judgements that’s stopping them from taking charge of their sex lives.

This needs to change.

HANX is empowering women to take control of their sexual health, like all other aspects of their lives, and feel proud to do so.

Not only do we want our condoms to feel luxurious and discreet, it’s our vision to help the world understand that it’s our right as women to take charge of our sex lives. And if you’re wondering about slogan, ‘That’s How I Like It’, not only does it celebrate the strong, fearless and ambitious women who know what they want, it also illustrates that sex is different for everyone, every time.