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We believe it's time the world stopped being weird about our sex lives... so we've created a sex-positive, good lookin’, sustainable and gynae-backed sexual wellness brand.


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"This discreet and luxuriously packaged subscription box comes straight to your door to save you the embarrassment of buying condoms in store."

“Our personal health and the health of the planet are more closely intertwined than you think. HANX sells biodegradable vegan condoms made from fair rubber and paraben-free ingredients."

"If you ever suffer from UTI's after sex, you'll want to try HANX condoms."

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Set up regular deliveries of our top-rated sexual wellness essentials and life stage supplements. Get free shipping AND save 15% on every order - without any hassle.

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Look... Most women have sex. But for some reason, in 2024, everyone’s still scared to talk about it. So we end up having to buy condoms with names like ‘Poundius Maximus’, or Lube with an ingredients list that’s a yeast infection waiting to happen.

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Free from spermicides and anaesthetics, designed for pleasure.



pH-balanced and suitable for post-partum sex, plus toy and condom friendly.


Intimate Care

No more GP queues. Trusted Thrush, Cystitis and Bacterial Vaginosis treatments.


Hormonal Contraception

Hormonal contraception on subscription, plus same-day-dispatch morning after pills.


Discreetly delivered

Your sex life: your business. All HANX orders come in discreet packaging without branding so you can receive your order at home, work or wherever - and no one but you will know what's inside.

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