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"Smashing the stigma" Marie Claire
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That's how I like it.

Designed by women

We wanted to make condoms that we would be proud to buy, use and have in our bags and bathrooms. Ones that are natural. That smell nice. With beautiful packaging. Premium but discrete. Condoms that everyone would be happy to be seen with.

So that’s what we’ve done. We’ve also taken the hassle out of popping down the chemist with our subscription service. You can get HANX delivered to your door and never worry about running out of condoms again.

Let’s talk about sex (and condoms)

We’re having it and we want to be safe.

So we’ve designed a condom that is premium, natural latex, fair trade, vegan friendly, clean scented and ultra thin.

HANX is all about helping empower men and women when it comes to their sexual health. Pride and protection instead of shame and stigma. By removing the stigma around buying and carrying condoms, we’re helping you to take control of your sex life in a stylish, savvy way.

That’s why we have ‘That’s How I Like It’, as our slogan. Because sex is different for everyone, every time.

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“You’re going to quit your jobs and make condoms for a living?”

You’ve no idea how many times we’ve been asked that question.

But yes, that’s what we did. One former investment banker, one former doctor and one long lunch that started with a funny story and ended with an idea for a business to help remove the shame around buying condoms.

It’s been an interesting ride but we’re still going strong and have no regrets whatsoever about starting HANX. Or answering with a resounding ‘YES” every time we’re asked that question.


Our vision

For too long, women buying and carrying condoms have been seen as sleazy and easy. They’ve carried the shame and put up with unfair judgements that’s stopping them from taking charge of their sex lives.

This needs to change.

HANX is empowering women to take control of their sexual health, like all other aspects of their lives, and feel proud to do so.

Not only do we want our condoms to feel luxurious and discreet, it’s our vision to help the world understand that it’s our right as women to take charge of our sex lives.