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Have mind-blowing sex. Save the planet.

Even Mother Earth deserves a happy ending. We're committed to creating a big impact on people’s sexual wellness and intimate health, and a minimal impact on the planet.

Our mission

Boner killing fact: of the nearly 10 billion condoms produced each year, most will end up in landfill. We think it’s plain wrong that the simple act of getting it on can have a negative impact on our beautiful home, so we’re working on making HANX as sustainable as possible as we grow. It all starts with what we do (and don’t) use to create our condoms…

Rubber that won't make you shudder.

Our condoms are made from 100% Fair Rubber latex, and approved by the Fair Rubber Association. Basically, that means we only work with Fair Rubber certified plantations, where a fair wage is paid to the workers, working conditions are safe, and the association promotes the environmentally friendly production of natural rubber. Bonus: they’re natural and not treated with unnecessary chemicals, so they biodegrade in your household waste or compost.

The only animal in the bedroom should be you.

No casein. No beeswax. Our Condoms and Lubricant are both certified by The Vegan Society, meaning we do not use animal by-products in these products. They are also cruelty free, and we never test on animals. Promise.

Community support

Empowering The Next Gen

Sexpression is an independent not for profit UK charity, with the goal of empowering young people to make decisions about relationships and sex by running informal and comprehensive education in the community. We support Sexpression through supporting their education and donating our condoms for teaching at their sessions.

The Sex-Ed You Wish You Had

The School of Sexuality Education supports UK schools to provide age-appropriate, up-to-date and inclusive sex and relationships education programmes that are intersectional, feminist, non-binary and sex-positive.

Raising Awareness of Gynaecological Cancer

The Lady Garden Foundation is a pioneering national women's health charity which aims to raise awareness and funds for research into, and treatment of, gynaecological cancers. We support The Lady Garden Foundation, and stand with them in being #SilentNoMore when it comes to female health.

Pushing For Prevention

The Eve Appeal funds research in leading UK and worldwide institutions who share the ambition to build a world where fewer women are diagnosed with and many more survive gynaecological cancers.

Resilience in Relationships

Relate is the UK's largest provider of relationship support, and last year they helped over two million people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities to strengthen their relationships.

Talking Sex with Gen Z

Founded in 2017, SHAG is an independent movement of young creatives who want to change the way we speak about sex, gender, our bodies and health.

Yes, we're 'the condom girls'.

With our charity partners, we're determined to make the world of sex better - for everyone. This is why we're doing it.

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