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A gynaecology doctor and an investment banker walk into a bar…

Founded by BFFs Farah Kabir and Dr Sarah Welsh (that’s us!), HANX began way back in 2017. Inspired by a conversation we had about our experience of the condom and lubricant aisle, the standard product offering you’d see on the shelves wasn’t something we felt positively about (actually, we were embarrassed to be seen buying them, tbh) - too garish, stereotypically ‘masculine’, penis-centric messaging. We realized that no brands were speaking to us.


From that moment on, we hustled hard to create the sex-positive, sustainable, good lookin’ and gynae-backed sexual wellness products you know and really, really love. HANX Fix, our online service for convenient thrush, BV, and cystitis treatments removes those traditionally uncomfortable trips to the chemist by sending medically approved treatments straight to your door. We’re determined to challenge the status quo and misconceptions around vaginal health issues. But the HANX life’s not just about condoms and pessaries: we’re here to tackle the taboos, stereotypes and myths that make people less likely to access help or improve their sexual and intimate health.

From discharge to doggy style, HANX is all about the realness and while we do cover some difficult and potentially awks subjects, we adhere to a strict
‘zero judgement’ policy. Always.

We're proud to partner with organisations providing education around intimate health and sexual wellbeing. Find out more here.