A gynaecology doctor and an investment banker walk into a bar…

In a chat over lunch, Farah was telling Sarah a story about a friend who had been ‘caught’ buying condoms by her sniggering (male) boss.

It got them thinking that everything about condoms is wrong – overtly masculine, garish and with cringey names.


Even today, in a world where our health and wellbeing matter more than ever, men that carry condoms are seen as studs but women are considered one pair of crotchless pants away from a red window in Amsterdam. 

Farah and Sarah created HANX shortly after. A brand dedicated to creating a range of sexual health products that are gynaecologist approved and designed to sit unashamedly in our bags and on our bedside tables. 

Naked Truths

Let’s talk about sex, baby. Come get involved as we chat all things sexual wellness.

Mon, Jun 01, 20 - HANX Official pleasure
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Hormone Harmony: Living Libido Lockdown

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