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The Hottest Positions For Your Next Solo Sesh

The Hottest Positions For Your Next Solo Sesh

Since it’s Global Orgasm Day, what better way to celebrate than by giving yourself an orgasm? We’ll be reaching for our best bedroom pal, Cindy. Co-designed with the HANX community, it’s a cute mini clitoral suction toy that’s been raking in five star reviews since we launched this summer… and she’s more versatile than you might believe. Here are Team HANX’s three favourite positions to use your Cindy toy in a self-love session…


1. The Independent Cow-Girl 

This isn’t your average Clint Eastwood Western film, it’s far more entertaining. This is a great position because you can change it up in so many different ways playing around with both external and internal stimulation. Cindy is great to use in this position because she’s so small she won’t get in the way like some of the other slightly larger clitoral stimulation toys. 

Start by sitting on your knees with your bum resting on your feet and raise yourself upright. Now this takes real ~Megan knees~ so if this is too difficult you could always straddle a pillow to reduce the weight on your knees. 


2. Solo Doggy 

There’s a reason why doggy is the most popular position across both the UK and the US, so why not try it solo? The weight of your body will add that extra layer of friction against both your clitoris and Cindy, and allow you to rock back and forth against her creating fireworks. To upgrade this position even more, add a bit of lube on your Cindy.

Start by getting down on all fours and using one of your hands to reach under and hold Cindy against your clitoris. Remember to place the little dimple on the top of Cindy over your clit for maximum suction and vibration. If you find you’re struggling to keep your balance, lower yourself down a little and support your weight through your shoulders. 


3. The Side Spoon 

Spooning leads to forking, or in this case - it leads to an orgasm. Lie on your side with your Cindy between your legs and work your way through the 10 different pulsing suction frequencies.u can even squeeze your thighs together for extra friction or open your legs slightly, moving them in and out as you bring yourself to climax. Top tip: this is a great position to encourage self love and body confidence. Use your other hand to stroke and feel your body, connect with and worship yourself as the pleasure waves roll over you. 

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