Condom and lube bundles

Condoms, meet lube. We’ve paired up your HANX faves to create *the* bedroom bundle you’ve been waiting for. Slip a bottle of our water-based, silky smooth natural lube and either a 3-pack or 10-pack of biodegradable Fair Rubber condoms in your basket and save 10% on your purchase.

Gynaecologist approved, vegan, and created by medical professionals. What’s not to like?


all natural

all natural

developed by professionals

developed by professionals

fair rubber

fair rubber

naturally scented

naturally scented

silky smooth lubricant

silky smooth lubricant

ultra thin condoms

ultra thin condoms

vegan certified

vegan certified

Tried and tested

My Experience

I was lucky enough to try to HANX due to a free sample and I have been able to order additional condoms with great customer service as well. I really enjoy using HANX with my partner and I highly recommend it.


Gentle to a woman's body

Love the HANX because not only are smooth and gentle to a woman's body, they are delivered discreetly and fast on your door. The founders provide a lot of support. Thank you girls!!!


Great Product, keeps its promises

Good customer service & fast delivery!


Best condoms ever! You need them

Amazing product. Love the subscription service.


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Burning questions?

Are HANX condoms safe?

Yes, every single batch of condoms we make is tested for defects, durability and elasticity. We are CE certified, which means we conform to European standards.

Where are HANX condoms made?

We make our condoms in Germany, with a fantastic manufacturer who takes condoms very very seriously.

Are thinner condoms more likely to break?

Not on your nelly. Thinner condoms are just as robust as other condoms, same reliable protection, more pleasure.

What makes HANX condoms vegan?

HANX condoms don’t contain casein, an animal protein usually found in condoms. Instead we use thistle extract to make our condoms silky smooth.

Are HANX condoms biodegradable?

Yes they are. As HANX condoms are made of natural latex you can chuck ‘em in your compost with your banana skins. They’ll start to decompose after 3 months.

So, what’s in HANX condoms?

Well, our condoms are made from natural certified Fair Rubber, corn starch powder and silicon oil. The rubber has been vulcanised from rubber latex by using sulfur, zinc oxide, accelerators and soap. That’s it!

Is HANX cruelty free?

Yes, no animals were harmed in the making of HANX products. We have never tested on animals and we never will. Promise.

What’s the difference between a HANX Large Size Condom and a Standard Size HANX Condom?

It’s all in the size, baby. Standard: 52mm nominal width, 180mm length. Large Size: 54mm nominal width, 190mm length. 

How big is the Large Size Condom?

*checks clipboard* 54mm Nominal Width and 190mm length.

Is the HANX lubricant compatible with condoms?

Yes! It’s water-based and safe to use with condoms. Go wild.

So, what’s in HANX Lubricant?

Just 7 magic ingredients, say it with us: Aqua, Sorbitol, Panthenol, Lactic Acid, Sodium lactate, Sodium benzoate, We developed this to be as close to as nature’s equivalent as possible.

Is the HANX lube pH balanced?


Yes, it has a pH of 4.5, and so is close to the vagina’s natural pH is between 3.8 and 4.5. Fun fact: one ingredient we use is lactic acid, which your vagina produces to stay healthy, keep infections at bay, and it maintains the vaginal environment acidic. You’re welcome!

Does the HANX lube contain glycerin?

No way! Prolonged use of glycerin-based lubricants can actually dehydrate and damage vaginal tissue: not cool. Our lube is water-based and as natural as possible.

Wait, HANX lube is vegan?


Yes! It’s Vegan Society certified, don’t-cha know? 

Is HANX lube flavoured or scented?

No, there’s no artificial smell or flavour in our lubricant. Step away from that bottle of Cheeky Cherry: the sugar present in flavoured lubes can increase your risk of yeast infections.