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Woman's hand holding a HANX Cindy Pink Clitoral Stimulator, against a background of her bleach blue denim jeans and a crop top. It's a sunny day and the light is dappled on her skin.

Introducing Cindy, Our First Pleasure Partner

You moaned. We listened. After years of talk and planning, we’re thrilled to announce that the first HANX sex toy is here. Meet Cindy - a hanky panky pink pleaser designed to stimulate the clitoris and work in any sexy situation you find yourself in. Co-created created by our Co-Founder, gynaecology expert Dr Sarah Welsh, and a team of hardcore HANX fans, it’s been a long time coming...

What is Cindy?

For our first ever sex toy, we went back to what our community really want from a bedroom accessory: pure pleasure. We started by exploring the world of toys, from G Spot stimulators to wand vibrators. For our community, there are two key factors that stood out:

  • Subtle, considered design: whilst novelty designs are popping off on TikTok (unicorn vibe, anyone?) and dungeon-ready toys might have their moments, discretion is really important. You wanted something that isn’t going to catch the eye if a housemate/friend/latest app match/parent spots it on your bedside table or in your bag on the way to a date.
  • Performance: sometimes you want to spend hours in the masturbation zone, other times you want to “get the job done”. You asked for a toy that is highly effective at bringing those pleasure waves exactly when you want them - and the ability to make them happen swiftly… or languorously.

With 37% of us preferring clitoral stimulation to penetration to reach climax, we landed on a super-smooth to the touch, discreet and highly effective clitoral sucker. The perfect size to rest in the palm of your hand, it features sensual curves and a suction spot you simply need to place over your clitoris (or other erogenous zones) and enjoy.

How does it work?

We've paired seductive air suction with vibration for frankly, outrageous, sensations. With 10 different frequencies, there’s something for every mood - plus, you can start off slow and build up. We wanted to create something that would be suitable for those new to the world of pleasure toys, but also that would be effective if you have a more established collection at home already. There's no faffing with batteries as Cindy is rechargeable via a magnetic USB cord.

Who is it suitable for?

Everyone! Whilst this style of toy is primarily used to stimulate the clitoris, don’t be afraid to play around at your own speed.

  • Top tip: the suction can be exciting in other sensitive areas, such as your inner thighs, nipples or neck.
  • As an external vibrator, it can be used during penetrative intercourse for extra stimulation. It’s also suitable for people who experience vaginismus or other conditions that make penetration painful.
  • You can use this toy when you’re playing solo, or with a partner/s.

What’s it made from?

Just as we make sure our sexual wellness essentials are made with sensitive, natural ingredients, we wanted our first sex toy to be just as thought out. Cindy is made from medical-grade, hypoallergenic silicone, which means it’s super easy to clean and is 100% body safe. Plus, it’s waterproof - this means it can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. Great news for all our mermaid mates and shower lovers out there…

How discreet is it?

Worried about nosey housemates? Our Cindy to is just 50db, so you can make the most of your me-time without worrying about noise carrying. The design itself features curvacious, flowing lines that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern art gallery. As for its noticeability? We asked a subsection of none-the-wiser boyfriends, housemates, neighbours, best pals and friends of friends who hadn’t seen it before. They variously guessed: “beauty blender”, “some makeup thing”, “a Tangle Tease” and "some kind of hand warmer?". Top marks for keeping it on the down low.

Ready for good vibes? Shop Cindy, our clitoral stimulator, here.

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