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How To Have Sex In A Heatwave

How To Have Sex In A Heatwave

As the temperature peaks, it’s time to talk about summer lovin’. If these glorious rays are leaving you randy, but your air con situation is less than cool, you might be wondering how to have sex in a heatwave... Over to Cindy, our most-requested product release of all time - and secret summer saviour. Your reviews are in and say that Cindy is helping you climax "in under three minutes" - and if there's one thing we want when the horizon is hazy, it's not to hang around. 😉

Here are five reasons to get stuck into sex in the summer, and embrace our cute new mini suction toy as part of your sunny weather ritual.


Top Tips for Summer Sex

  1. Mr Whippy might be sweet but when that cone has been crunched, it's a one time only treat. Our suction toy Cindy is USB rechargeable for good times again and again and again… New to the world of clitoral suction toys? Here’s our essential guide.

  2. If summer's sweaty nights are impacting your snoozes, consider ditching ice pops and embracing partnered sex with toys. Where ice cream can raise your blood sugar, and lead to overstimulation, orgasms are a natural sleep aid. It’s all thanks to the blend of neurochemicals that are released, including natural stress reliever, oxytocin. Sex can be pretty great already, but introducing a toy? Legendary leg-overs, trust us.

  3. Over on Instagram, 60% of you said that your libido drops in hot weather. If it’s the thought of a sweaty body (or two!) climbing into bed that gives you the ick, it’s time to either head to the shower for a cooling mist - or embrace some solo loving. Masturbation is a great way to get your rocks off without the erotic admin of navigating a temperature-raising slippery skin-on-skin situation. Here’s our sexpert’s guide to giving yourself a hand…

  4. If tropical climates turn you on, go forth and give them one from us! Top tip: consider swapping missionary or body-contact-heavy positions for those that allow for a little more airflow. Standing up, doggy style, kneeling oral and even mutual masturbation are all big faves at HANX HQ - and they allow for bringing Cindy into the action, too. Temperature play can also be a saviour for sweaty sex sessions. Try rolling an ice cube sensuously over your/a lover’s skin.

  5. Hot weather increases the chances of dehydration, which can significantly impact our sexual responses. That means reduced natural lubrication and hard-to-achieve orgasms - a midsummer mare. Make sure to keep your water intake up during the day, not to overdo it on sugary sweet cocktails or beers on the sun terrace, and add a pump or two of water-based lube to your vagina or penis.


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