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Masturbation For Stress Relief

Masturbation For Stress Relief

  • Feel like the work to-do list is always at the back of your mind?¬†
  • Tackling never-ending chores and mental load?
  • Stress levels rising?

Be it Sunday Scaries, being overwhelmed or general angst, sometimes stress can impact us most when we take a step back.¬†We all need a¬†little nurturing¬†once in a while - and there's one method of stress relief that's free, fun and highly beneficial for your health. Yes, orgasms can help to¬†relieve stress (at least temporarily!). Free from the need to find a partner/s, having a wank is an¬†opportunity¬†not just to bust some stress. It's a chance to¬†work out what you like, what you don't, what time of the day or night you feel most turned on and where the magic¬†actually¬†happens...¬†ūüí¶

Women Masturbate, Too

Masturbation has been a comedy trope for years in TV and film and for many, is their first and formative experience of how self-pleasure is viewed in society (There’s Something About Mary, anyone?). Rarely do these scenes speak to those with vaginas, though. Masturbation, wanking, bashing the bishop, choking the chicken: whatever you want to call it, it's usually in reference to people who have a penis. Add in a study reporting approximately 50% of women and 50% of men who masturbate feel guilty about it and well, talk about a generation of mixed messages. Cliterally. (Sorry.) 

We’re here to set the record straight: masturbation is up there with the best, natural (and free) stress relief you can give yourself, whoever you are, whatever you've got *down there*. Zero judgement. Take Queensland Health's public campaign encouraging residents to 'give yourself a hand!' to positively influence mental wellbeing, and physical too.

My Chemical Romance

When masturbating, our brains release a number of hormones, including the fun one:¬†dopamine. Known as the ‚Äúhappiness hormone‚ÄĚ, it creates rewarding feelings, which put a smile on our face and leave us in a post-horn haze. There isn't a huge amount of research into the positive benefits of going to town on ourselves, but some scientists have suggested the release of endorphins can help combat stress and anxiety. It adds up: tension of the mind and body are released through intense contractions and waves of pleasure. We'd also suggest that spending some time focused purely on your own happiness and getting in touch with your body a key element of the formula for a better mood.

Ease Yourself In 

Embrace the erotic podcast! Pop your headphones on and just let it wash over you. The imagination is an incredibly powerful tool: you can be anyone, doing anything, anywhere... We're big fans of female-founded story studio Dipsea for erotic episodes of storytelling that are high on 'mmm' and low on the ick. Choose from scenarios, partners and consent-heavy stories that place pleasure and empowerment in the same narrative.

We also love Florence Bark's masturbation accompaniment, This Book Will Make You Feel Something (The Sheriff and The Bandit is a particularly hot chapter). If you're more of a visual wanker, try Four Chambers' contemporary pornography. Founded by Vex Ashley, its which is inspired by everything from Boticelli to motherhood.

Top tip: keep a little water-based HANX lubricant on hand and if you've already got a go-to toy, bring it to the party. Speaking of plus ones, if you’re living with a partner, get them in on it, too. Mutual masturbation is a wonderful thing.


Don't overthink it

Try and find your joy in your own way and in your own time, it's not a race, it's all about you. Getting to know your body and what really works for you is so beneficial: it can help you learn about your sexuality, your preferences and doing it on a regular basis might even increase your libido - what's not to like? Kama app is a great place to find thought starters and inspiration. Their jargon-free Instagram tackles everything from anal to ethical non-monogamy and intriguingly touches on the ins and outs of masturbation.


Want more?

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