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Masturbation For Stress Relief

Masturbation For Stress Relief

Tue, May 19, 20 - HANX Official

Whether you’re on lockdown on your lonesome or partnered up, give yourself a hand.


Masturbation has been a comedy trope for years in TV and film and for many, is their first and formative experience of how self-pleasure is viewed in society (There’s Something About Mary, anyone?) but rarely do these scenes speak to or even portray people who identify as women. It could be said that if masturbation, wanking, bashing the bishop, choking the chicken: whatever you want to call it, is being talked about, it has to be inherently penis-centric. Lest we forget the uproar over Anna Kendrick’s Twitter quip…



On the other side of the coin, it came to light last year that a cult tv show deemed masturbation as ‘unacceptable behaviour’ leading HuffPost’s Laura Holliday to write; Love Island’s ban on masturbation teaches viewers – young and old, boys or girls – that having sex with yourself is less important, or inferior to, having sex with others.' Add in a study reporting approximately 50% of women and 50% of men who masturbate feel guilty about it and well, talk about a generation of mixed messages. Cliterally. (Sorry.)


We’re here to set the record straight: masturbation is up there with the best, natural (and free) stress relief you can give yourself, whoever you are, whatever you've got going on *down there*. Zero judgement.



In a time when we're constantly drawn to the lure of our laptops to log onto endless video calls, tackling never-ending chores, taking a step back and remembering that you need a little nurturing can be really freeing. Orgasms can relieve stress (at least temporarily) so take this opportunity to work out what you like, what you don't, what time of the day is the right time, where the magic actually happens... 💦


Ease yourself in with an erotic podcast. Pop your headphones on and just let it wash over you, the imagination is an incredibly powerful tool: you can be anyone, doing anything, anywhere... Keep a little HANX lubricant on hand and if you've already got a go-to toy, bring them to the party. Speaking of plus ones: if you’re living with a partner, get them in on it, too. Mutual masturbation: it’s a wonderful thing.


Shout out to our lovely stockist, Curated Toys for the stellar snap. 


Don't overthink it. Try and find your joy in your own way and in your own time, it's not a race, it's all about you. Getting to know your body and what really works for you is so beneficial: it can help you learn about your sexuality, your preferences and doing it on a regular basis might even increase your libido - what's not to like? Activist and feminist icon, Nimko Ali, said it best over on the HANX 'Knicker Box Glory' podcast



"There is nothing better for your mental health than an orgasm."




With news of Lily Allen's collaborative Liberty vibrator and #IMasturbate campaign firmly on everyone's err- lips, cliteral stimulants are now the toy de jour and firmly fighting the good fight for honest, open sexual wellness. So, what's your preferred toy? Are you more of a manual or automatic kinda driver?


Let us know how you get on over on our HANX Life forum and pick up a bottle or two HANX vegan, water-based lube here.