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How To Use A Clitoral Suction Toy

Thinking of paying a visit to the town of clitoral suction stimulation? Whether you're a sex toy connoisseur or a newbie to the world of self-pleasure, allow our in-house sexperts to guide you through the best ways to use our brand new toy, Cindy.

What is a clitoral stimulator?

It's a type of sex toy, designed primarily for people with vaginas. As for how it provides pleasure? The clue is in the name - it’s designed to stimulate your clitoris, which for many of us, is the key to immense pleasure and orgasm. The clitoris actually is much larger than it appears and is internal as well as external, so to be specific, it focuses on the small bundle of nerves that rests at the top of the vagina. It may be hidden under a piece of skin referred to as the clitoral hood. 83% of vagina owners need clitoral stimulation to come, so these are a very popular type of toy. Clitoral stimulators can use air, vibrators or physical movements to help stimulate the nerves and build pleasure - for example, our Cindy has 10 different speeds of vibrations that create differing levels of sucking intensity.

How do I use a clitoral stimulator?

Each clit sucking toy works differently, so we recommend looking at the directions for whichever toy you have before you commence a self-love session. For Cindy, why not start by turning it on, placing the small dimple on the top of the toy onto your clitoris, slowly moving around and testing suction speeds until you find what feels best for you? The suction effect isn’t purely for the clitoris - try placing it on other sensitive parts of you/your partner’s body and see how that feels, too! Remember, this toy is specially designed for external use. During her time in NHS gynaecology, our co-founder, Dr. Sarah Welsh saw many unsuitable objects stuck inside patients, which can be tricky to remove (and embarrassing if you’re explaining away to a team of medics).

Are clitoral stimulators safe?

Yes, they are completely safe to use. However, we recommend making sure you check if the particular model you’re using is right for the extracurricular activities you have in mind. Cindy is waterproof for half an hour up to 1 metre, so whilst it’s great for a solo shower, we wouldn’t recommend taking it deep-sea diving.


Can I use lube with my clitoral stimulator?

Yes - but make sure to check the label. Oil-based lubes aren’t our fave for taking care of your vaginal health, as they can trap bacteria, creating an optimum environment for infections and irritation in the days following use. You need to watch out when adding lubricant to your sex toys, too, as silicon-based formulas are difficult to wash off properly and can start to degrade your silicone sex toys. For peace of mind, choose a water-based, natural lube that’s designed to be as close as possible to the real thing and won’t break down Cindy or your latest solo-time squeeze.

Scene from Michaela Coel's sitcom Chewing Gum. Two young women in bright pink washing up gloves lean over an avocado bath, scrubbing dildos clean in soapy water.

How do I keep my clitoral stimulator clean?

Inspired by *that* iconic scene in Michaela Coel’s Chewing Gum? 👆 Whilst it might seem like a massive win to bung your toys into the bath for a vigorous scrub, check the specific instructions of your toy to ensure you’re taking care of it properly. Various sex toy cleaning sprays and washes are available, but small amounts of fresh, warm water, sensitive soap and a gentle rub down with a hand towel can also work perfectly.

Who can use a clitoral stimulator?

Anyone can use one, but it’s mainly designed for people with vaginas. We chose a clitoral stimulator as it’s a great option for those who may struggle with/dislike vaginal penetration. Whether you’re experiencing vaginismus, are post-partum and want to get back into the saddle slowly or are reframing and rediscovering pleasure on your own terms, clitoral stimulators are a great choice as you have 100% control over proceedings. 


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