Can Sex Help You Sleep Better? Yes Babe,Yes It Can

Can Sex Help You Sleep Better? Yes Babe,Yes It Can

Fri, May 10, 19 - Emma Holmes

Insomnia can be a real b*****. Sleeplessness is a tough nut to crack especially when you’re going through the vicious cycle of trying to get to sleep whilst laying there wide awake getting more and more frustrated. Sometimes the harder you try to get to sleep the more restless you become. 

You Need To Relax

Getting the brain to switch off after a long day can be tricky, you need to be comfortable and you need to relax. Relaxing is easier said than done especially if your mind is running 100 miles an hour with all the things you’ve got to do the next day. In order to get to sleep you’ve got to override the chaos going on in your mind. You can do this with meditation or you can do it the fun way, by having sex and or masturbating.

How Does Sex Help You Relax?

Sex does wonders to quieten the mind and relax the body. You know how sometimes your partner literally passes straight out after they’ve orgasmed, that’s down to the hormones released during sex:

  1. Oxytocin, the hormone which makes you feel close to your partner.
  2. Prolactin, the hormone released by orgasm. 
  3. Cortisol, your stress hormone is actually reduced during sex.

The combination of increased oxytocin and prolactin with decreased cortisol levels induces a relaxed state that leads to drowsiness and eventually slumber. For us gals there’s a bonus round, sex boosts our oestrogen levels, heightening our REM stage making our sleep deeper and our recuperation stronger.  

Masturbation Does The Trick Too

Now if you’re partner’s away our you’re single that doesn’t mean you don’t get to experience the benefits of the orgasm hormone, prolactin, this is the perfect time for some good old fashion self-love. Don’t be shy, you know your body better than anyone and you know what will make you feel good. Next time you’re feeling a little restless and you’re tossing and turning. You know what to do.