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How Come We're All Hornier In Summer?

How Come We're All Hornier In Summer?

We’re all looking for a little bit of summer lovin’, right? One study found that sex-related topics were searched more in June and July than any other months. So, why is it that we feel sexier in the sun? It could be simply visual: we tend to wear less clothes as the mercury soars, so sex is naturally more on our minds when surrounded by visual inspiration. However, we reckon there’s more to it than getting turned on by a newly-bared ankle on the bus. We did some digging into the science behind the horniest season to see if there’s a reason why ‘suns out, buns out’ becomes a little *too* true every year - or if it’s all down to a little too much day drinking.


Gemini sun, libido rising

Sunlight can boost your levels of serotonin (the mood regulator), and vitamin D, both of which are important in experiencing pleasure and a strong libido. In fact, a Vitamin D deficiency can cause low estrogen and testosterone, which directly result in a lower sex drive. So, as we soak up more serotonin and vitamins from the sun, the result might be a little randy.


More serotonin, less melatonin

Hate heading to bed when the sun is still up on a hazy summer night? Over to our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh:

“Melatonin, the sleep hormone, actually decreases with time spent in the sun. In darker winter days, the snoozy hormone can interfere with production of sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. However, exposure to summer’s glorious rays actually reduces production of the melatonin. Low levels of melatonin may be bad for your sleep cycle, but could explain how long summer days turn into even longer nights.”


Sweat the good stuff

Another reason we might be more attracted to one another in the summer? Sweat. Studies have shown that pheromones expressed through sweat can have an arousing effect on certain people. More exposed skin allows the chemicals to be more easily conveyed to our “potential mate” (all a bit National Geographic, isn’t it). If you’ve ever felt turned on after getting a whiff of your partner straight from the gym, this is the sexy scientific basis behind it.

Social factors

Hot Girl Summer arrived on the scene and is not leaving any time soon. Dating is definitely seasonal. Whilst in autumn/winter, we’re encouraged to participate in “cuffing season” and find someone to snuggle up with when it gets colder, we’re all a bit more likely to let loose as the sun comes out. Forget chemical reactions – longer, lighter days are conducive to mixing up your routine and enjoying what the summer has to offer. As we’re often in a cheerier, more relaxed mood, we often spend our days lounging in parks or pub gardens, leading to a less agitated state. Basically, we might just be more open to experimenting with new things…and people!


Keeping a cool head

If you’re getting ready for the approaching summer of sex, make sure you don’t get carried away. The UK is reporting STIs including gonorrhea are at an all-time high, so remember to carry condoms (the best method of preventing a nasty surprise). Hot weather can also leave you feeling the ick – literally. From avoiding yeast infections to festival sex no-nos, here's how to keep your vagina happy this summer.

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