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Our Sexiest Moments of 2022

Our Sexiest Moments of 2022

Welcome to the gooch, friends. Nicknamed after the perineum, we’re now in the liminal ass end of the year. The uneasy space between Christmas and New Year’s Eve where time is merely a construct, it’s a space for reflecting on the year past, DMs slid and ignored and conquests/enduring love. Pour a plant-based Irish Cream, rustle up those leftovers into an unhinged take on the Moistmaker and join us to revisit HANX’s sexiest moments of 2022.


Making moves 

We’re growing! As a small team, every new hire has a huge impact and we were thrilled to welcome three new faces to the team in Marketing, Ops and Finance - hi Ellen, Kami and Gavin! Shoutout to our four-legged interns Ava, Maple and Grizzly, too. You might have spotted that we’ve supercharged our digital store, too, so that treating yourself to HANX is just like our condoms: smoother than ever (take a look here!). For the first time since we launched, we took steps to update our condom formulation based on your feedback. We’ve introduced better sizing, removed fragrance so our friends with allergies are welcome to the party and majorly, secured FDA approval which helped us smash a major goal…


America’s Sweethearts

Yes, just as we hit our fifth birthday, we made a major HANX dream come true. Since the very start, we’ve heard from our friends over in the US how much they wanted to get their hands on us (steady), so it was with great pride and a whole lotta paperwork that we sent a shipment across the Atlantic Ocean. No word on US Customs’ facial expression on discovering thousands of johnnies at their door - but we made it through. Shop our natural condoms in the USA.


Wild in the Aisles

It’s no secret we love coming through your letterbox, but we’re also big fans of shopping in real life, too. This year, we officially hit 2,500 stores on the UK high street stocking HANX, thanks to brilliant buyers who believe in us at Boots, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, WHSmith - and our brand new retail partner, Tesco! Yes, you can now shop our ultra-thin Condoms and gentle Lube alongside your facon (fake bacon, for our yet-to-be-converted-to-veganism mates) and toothpaste. Find your nearest store here.

Smiling HANX Co-Founders in Tesco aisles


Taking on the Nation’s Sex Drives

When we came up with the idea for HANX over several bottles of wine, our essential belief was that it’s time the world stopped being weird about our sex lives. This hasn’t changed and we’re more committed than ever to working to eradicate stigma and encourage conversation about traditionally blush-worthy topics. One that can still carry a great deal of shame and confusion? Low, or loss of libido. We know 70% of our community experience issues with their sex drive at times, and many have told us that they wish it was openly talked about. We’ve been beavering away behind the scenes since 2021 on our very first food supplement - and teamed up with an expert nutritionist to specifically formulate Libido Lift, a natural, peach-flavoured support for women’s sex drive. Join the desire discussion on HANX Life, our free digital safe space.


Getting Green-fingered

Problem: there are rising rates of STIs in over 60s - but many of them think they don’t need to use condoms anymore as they aren’t at risk of pregnancy. Solution: capture their attention via their fave hobby, gardening! Thanks to the team at relationship charity Relate and creative legends Ogilvy, we formed The Hornicultural Society, a collective you won’t see at Chelsea Flower Show. Our condoms received a cheeky makeover as innuendo-laden seed packets, complete with a pop up in a North London garden centre. Featuring very bountiful eggplants, cleavage-tastic avocados and marrows that would make Lenny Kravitz blush, our veggie condoms even ended up on Loose Women and made STI-prevention in seniors a hot topic for broadcasters across the world.

Seed Packet Themed condoms for HANX Relate Hornicultural Society

It wasn’t our only flirtation with all things bright and beautiful. In September, the good people of Shoreditch in East London stumbled on our pop up Sexy Summer Garden - but it wasn’t what it first seemed. Rather than planting a real field of wild flowers, we’d partnered with an all-female team at CPB London to help HANX condoms masquerade as colour pop blooms. With most mainstream condoms ending up in landfill due to unnecessary harsh chemicals or non-biodegradable materials used, we encouraged Londoners to have a pluck and fuck the planet - using our sustainable sexcare.


Three’s A Party

One for our polyamorous friends - and curious crew. With MysteryVibe and McCann London, we debuted a festive HANXy take on a seasonal fave, the Christmas cracker. With three arms to pull, johnnies and lube stuffed inside and even a £100 voucher for vibes, it really was the chicest accessory of the season. It even inspired a few angry emails chiding us for promoting polyamory. Hey, luckily we love being told how naughty we are…

A Gentle Reminder

Fans as we are of keeping it real, we’ll be the first to own that there were plenty of moments that won’t make our highlights reel. Behind the scenes, we heard plenty of ‘no’s. We pitched collabs that didn’t work out, and scrambled to reschedule our biggest ever pop up due to the unexpected passing of a major UK royal. As human beings too, there were moments that hit hard - from the renewed battle for reproductive rights in the US to the erosion of women and girls’ rights in Afghanistan.

What kept us going? Simply, you. Amidst it all, your DMs about everything from having sex for the first time, to feeling empowered to teach your daughters about consent and contraception, to simply cheering us on, lifted us up and reminded exactly who we are and why we’re doing this, even on the worst, grumpiest days.

We’ll leave you with one of our fave memories of 2022: back at the start of the year, Farah was invited to 10 Downing Street’s roundtable on disparities in women’s healthcare in ethnic minorities. Feeling both honoured and humbled, she slipped through the iconic black door and took her seat next to experts from gynaecological and academic backgrounds… and a note was slipped across the table. 

Thank you to that lube-loving legend, and to you all for your love and support.

2023, let’s get it on.
Farah, Sarah and Team HANX.

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