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Hello, America! HANX Condoms are Live in The US

Hello, America! HANX Condoms are Live in The US

Saddle up, HANX condoms have officially launched in the USA.

We’re poised and proud to be Britain’s biggest, sexiest export after Austin Powers. Yes, we’ve been listening to all you eager beavers (ahem) over in the United States who are desperate to get your hands on our natural sexual wellness essentials. Maybe you discovered us:

  • taking over your Instagram with our pop-up Sexy Summer Garden (look closer at those blooms!)
  • in WHSmith at Gatwick Airport returning from a UK adventure
  • on trendspotter Jenny Gyllander's list over on Thingtesting 

All we can say is: thank you for being so patient! This autumn, we’re proud to officially start offering direct-to-your-door shipping of our natural, vegan condoms all across America. 

Why the US?

You say ‘po-tay-to’? We say ‘po-tah-to’. You say ‘rubbers’? We say ‘johnnies’. We’ve been humbled by all the lovely DMs and demand, with fans of stigma-free sexual wellness crying out for HANX in the US since the very early days. We’ve been teasing you all across the pond with cheeky hints and positive press everywhere from the New York Post to Vanity Fair and even Forbes... and it's all been building up to a major moment. Finally, this month, much like the Spice Bus, our Union flag patterned shipping container touches down across the Atlantic. Over to our Co-Founders, Farah and Sarah:

“Bringing HANX to the USA has always been on our vision board. We're totally thrilled to hear from so many future American HANX lovers and are pumped to finally share the love with you all.”

American Dream

So, why the wait? US pals, we promise we haven’t been treating you mean to keep you keen. Behind the scenes at HANX HQ, we’ve been working long and hard (ooh err) to secure the mandatory approval that allows us to bring you our condoms. Nerdy sextech fact: condoms are classed as a medical device and as such, require FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulation to be sold in the US. Our condoms are already put through rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety before they join you in the bedroom. This, plus additional paperwork, regulatory back and forth, epic processes and a nail biting wait, have officially secured us FDA approval, alongside our existing CE mark (here in the UK). Consider it a big win for your peace of mind.

That's not the only reason. With the struggle for universal reproductive rights in the US, we feel strongly about the need for stigma-free education and attitudes to women's bodies and healthcare - so it feels both right and necessary to start our global expansion supporting our friends across the pond. Read more about our very personal perspective on the threat to Roe Vs Wade here.


Where next?

We have big plans to dominate the globe with our natural sexual wellness essentials. Currently we ship directly in the UK and US, but are always working on bringing you HANX to your doors beyond. Slide into our DMs and let us know.


Want more?

  • Across the pond? Shop our natural, vegan Condoms now.

  • Find UK stockists of HANX Condoms and Lube here.

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