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Presenting The Hornicultural Society

Presenting The Hornicultural Society

60% of people aged over 65 aren’t comfortable talking openly to anyone about sex and intimacy. That’s a big problem, especially as they're the age group seeing the most rapid rise in STIs.

That's a problem, as they're the age group seeing the most rapid rise in STIs. 
We’re thrilled to work with the team at relationship charity Relate and creative legends Ogilvy UK to combine gardening and getting it on. 

As part of their groundbreaking campaign to break taboos around later-in-life sex, they're putting a cheeky twist on our natural condoms to help keep the nation keep their lady gardens and marrows safe. Get hold of yours here.

Take a closer look at what seem like ordinary seed packets. Yes, that aubergine really looks like what you think it does... The incredible minds at Ogilvy have created mock
 planting instructions (with plenty of gardening double entendres). Inside? Pop open the packet and you'll find a HANX condom for protecting against both unwanted pregnancy and STIs. Natural and biodegradable, you can pop it in your compost when you're done to keep that garden growing.

How's your Gran's sex life?

Sex. Nookie. Hanky panky. You might have seen headlines about the rise in STIs in older adults... but would you feel comfortable chatting to an older person in your life about contraception?

The fact is: there are plenty of people enjoying sex in older life - they're not necessarily talking about it. In fact, 66% cite 'embarrassment' as the key reason they don't have open conversations about sex, intimacy and sexual wellbeing.

Relate's campaign to destigmatise later-in-life sex found that this stigma stems from a variety of sources including lack of open conversation about sex when they were younger or feeling that doing so will make people feel uncomfortable. Basically, fear of talking openly about enjoying a cheeky wank, trying out a new lube or loving, gentle mutual orgasm session actually creates one big cycle of shame. 

We believe it's time the world stopped being weird about our sex life, and when we've tackled more taboo topics, we've seen this stigma firsthand in our DMs. In the lead up to Mother's Day, we gave our community the choice to hear more about sex and motherhood - or opt out. (It can be a sensitive time for many reasons).

"URGH!" said one response. "I can't believe you're talking about sex and my mum in the same sentence! What a terrible idea!"

It might be uncomfortable, but trust us: your parents are probably still sexual beings, just as much as ours are. Masturbation. Coupled sex. Swinging. Enjoying erotica. Sexual desire in all its wonderful forms, for many, continues later in life and isn't anything to be ashamed about. However, many older folk are at risk of sexually transmitted infections due to unprotected sex. 

Join us to banish the blushes, be brave enough to have the contraception conversation with your parents, grandparents, friends and older relatives.

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