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Introducing HANX: Libido Lift

Introducing HANX: Libido Lift

We’re serious about our goal of reducing stigma around our sex lives and prioritising pleasure. In the knowledge that 70% of our customers have experienced issues with their libido, we're tackling the taboo. After years spent perfecting the rest of our vegan and sustainable condoms and lube, we’ve put the expertise of our in-house doctor towards your libido struggles.

Over to our Co-Founder, Dr Sarah Welsh: 

"It’s as important to actively work on your sexual wellbeing as your physical wellbeing. We know our community are actively pursuing better, happier sex, and our new supplement, Libido Lift, is designed to put them in the best space possible for that.”

After extensive research, consumer feedback and product iterations, we’ve created a delicious, natural supplement with playful peach flavouring to support your sex drive. Libido Lift is designed to help you relax, switch off and enjoy. Whether it’s an in-depth solo session with your favourite audio-erotica app, or a Friday date night with your partner, simply mix a sachet of powder in with your drink of choice (even a negroni sbagliato) and get in your feels.

So, what’s actually in Libido Lift?

Vitamin B6

A key element of our Libido Lift, Vitamin B6 is a hormone-balancing vitamin, helps maintain a healthy sex drive due to its unique benefits as it:

  • Helps ensure your oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone are all in sync.
  • Balances the ‘happy hormone’ of serotonin, which helps contribute to a healthy sex drive.
    • Serotonin is also useful for improving your energy and your confidence, and unbalanced levels can place you at risk of a low sex-drive.
  • Reduces tiredness and fatigue.


Maca Root Powder

A natural root, Maca Root contains active compounds that can help with libido. Research suggests that it can decrease sexual dysfunction in post-menopausal women, and that 3g of Maca can improve sexual function in women whose libidos are suffering from anti-depressants.  Maca has also been shown to enhance mood and have energising properties, and is an excellent source of slow-burning carbohydrates which can explain its ability to regulate mood and energy.


Tribulus Terrestris

Often used in ayurvedic medicine, Tribulus Terrestris is a leafy plant that has been shown to increase female libido. In one study, 67% of women who struggled with their libido experiencing an increase in desire when they took the plant daily. Other studies found that the plant can increase desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction, with an increase in orgasms and lubrication as well.

For pre- and post-menopausal women, tests show that the plant was beneficial, helping significantly improve sexual function scores in this demographic after 1-3 months of treatment.



An amino acid that the body changes to the natural chemical nitric oxide (NO), which helps improve blood flow. In turn, this helps improve symptoms of sexual dysfunction and libido. And it’s not a placebo effect - one study found a significant increase in blood flow to the vagina after L-arginine supplementation vs a placebo. This improved blood flow can even increase the nutrition uptake of the tissues, encouraging proper lubrication by creating a healthier membrane in the vagina. A separate review into L-arginine and female libido found that products containing this amino acid could help treat low sex drive.


Pine Bark Extract

Similar to the above, Pine Bark extract can positively influence levels of Nitric Oxide in the blood, helping with blood flow to the genitals. Pine bark extract contains proanthocyanadins which may help to protect the blood vessels from day-to-day damage, preserving their function and their ability to effectively transport blood to the tissues, including the genital tissues and ultimately enhancing genital health and lubrication.


Most Asked Questions About Libido Lift

  • How often should I take Libido Lift?
  • You can take it daily as a supplement, or as part of a wellbeing routine 2 hours before intimacy.

  • What can I mix Libido Lift with?
  • Water, soft drinks, cocktails or juice - you can mix Libido Lift with any drink of choice. Our top tip: sip in a fruit smoothie to bring out the delicious natural peach flavour.


  • Is Libido Lift vegan?
  • Yes! Our Libido Lift is vegan certified and gluten free.


  • Can I use Libido Lift if I’m pregnant?
  • We would not recommend using Libido Lift during pregnancy. Please speak to your GP or health provider regarding any supplements during pregnancy.


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