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Inside our Sexy Summer Garden

Inside our Sexy Summer Garden

One sunny day in Shoreditch. 1000 compostable condom flowers. A whole lot of cheeky grins. Welcome to the HANX Sexy Summer Garden... 

HANX Sexy Summer Garden Pop Up, two women stand next to eachother holding bunches of colourful fake flowers with condoms in the centre. They're smiling and happy, wearing black sweatshirts which read HANX.


The seed was first planted by our amazing partners CPB London, who dreamt up a never-seen-before idea to showcasing our big belief in sustainable sexual wellness. Orgasms are great, but they have a real impact on the planet. There's a vast amount of waste generated by latex condoms every single year, as most head to landfill or even end up in the ocean. We think Mother Earth deserves a good time too, so we developed our ultra-thin, natural, compostable condoms - and we want the world to hear about it. We’ve spoken about the impact of switching to natural condoms extensively - even in British Vogue! The fact is, not everyone is fascinated by working conditions in latex plantations or recyclable credentials of cardboard shipping boxes… which is where the Sexy Summer Garden comes in. 

A view of Boxpark Shoreditch in the early morning sunshine. HANX's sexy summer garden pop up is being explored by two ladies, who reach forward to pluck a pink recycled cardboard flower from a flowerbed.

A Blooming Lovely Pop Up

To spread the word about sustainable sex, we created a fluttering garden of biodegradable blooms out of thin air. At 5am, early commuters, refuse collectors and a few post-party stragglers might have spotted a bare patch at Boxpark Shoreditch come alive under cover of darkness… 

Come sunrise, a beautiful urban garden was ready to surprise East London. Every single element of the garden, from the condom flowers, flower beds to the bannering was produced in an eco-friendly way with sustainable materials. If we didn't craft it, we rented/borrowed/rustled up in our own homes - and no trace was left behind at the end of the day.

With our Sex Positive Caps firmly on, we brought out our best Columbia Road Flower Market attitude and encouraged curious passersby to get plucking. The most asked question of the day: “So when do they actually start breaking down…? Not… during sex?”

No fear, it's not during sex. Our condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. It’s post-orgasm that the geeky breakdown fun begins. As they’re made from 100% Fair Rubber latex, you just need to pop them in your household waste or  compost bin/heap and they’ll start to biodegrade within three months due to the heat and light.

We absolutely loved meeting so many HANX fans, old and brand new, and frolicking through the flower beds with you all. As we all examine our lifestyles for earth-positive alternatives, we’re excited and proud to see so many people getting turned on by eco-friendly erotic essentials.

Ready to join us? It’s time to climax for the climate...

Thank you to our partners: 

A huge thank you to our fellow planet-loving friends at Minor Figures, Days and NICE for keeping us in iced oat lattes, zero alcohol beers and carafes of vegan wine on the day.

So much plant-powered love to our supporters for cheeky treats amongst the flower beds: Nails.INC's vegan, plant powered nail varnishes, HarperCollins Publishers for the *very hyped* advance copies of Oloni's new book The Big O and FEWE for floral CBD balms to keep us all chill.

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