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Introducing... The 3 Way Cracker

Introducing... The 3 Way Cracker

It’s not only the turkey that’s getting stuffed this year… Multi-partner relationships are on the rise, and Google searches for polyamory have increased 500% in the past two years. You might already be au fait with open relationships, thinking about embarking on a polyamorous partnership or plain old curious about what throuples are all about. This season, why not get adventurous under the mistletoe?

Three isn't always a crowd

We teamed up with our friends at award-winning sexual health device experts MYSTERYVIBE and creative legends McCann London to bring you a new take on a festive fave. Meet the 3 Way Cracker.

HANX 3 Way Cracker and Lubricant

Designed to be pulled by three people at once, our cheeky centrepiece is designed to rival your nut roast and is filled to the brim with provocative prizes to get the party started. Think our ultra-thin, vegan condoms, sex toy-safe lube, sex playing cards, and a naughty take on everyone’s favourite cracker jokes.

So, why are we playing Ms Christmas? Our Co-Founder Farah explains:

"HANX exists to tackle taboos that put us off prioritising our sexual health as much as our pleasure. The 3-way cracker is a cheeky way to champion getting adventurous, and staying safe, and we can’t wait for polyamorous partners to discover our natural Condoms and Lube inside. We think it’ll bring a little more joy to the world - and a whole new meaning to the third day of Christmas…"

HANX 3 Way Christmas Cracker

How do I get my hands on one?

You won't find this raunchy cracker in John Lewis - or the North Pole. This limited run of crackers sadly isn't available to buy, but we are giving our polyamorous pals the chance to win one via our Instagram. Simply head to our page to enter!

Want more?

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