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Let’s Get Down To Business with Rima & Morgan, Co-Founders of Peachies

Let’s Get Down To Business with Rima & Morgan, Co-Founders of Peachies

You all know by now that at HANX, we’re not shy. We’re comfortable in conversations that many others just, well, aren’t. We love when we find other companies that also aspire to challenge the status quo: enter Peachies

We sat down with Co-Founders Morgan and Rima to talk sh*t (pun intended), how they got into the nappy game and how they’re turning nappy consumption on its head with their premium nappies designed for exceptional softness and longer nights. We also gathered a few tips for those of you out there looking to set up your own gig.

HANX: Let’s start from the top, why nappies? Morgan, we know you’re a new parent but Peachies was founded 2 years ago. How did two non-parents (at the time) get into this space?

Rima: We’re surrounded by friends, family and colleagues who are thinking about, having or raising children. For the women in that crowd, we know that parenthood is much more likely to hinder their career path. That doesn’t sit well with us. So we started looking around at everyday routines to see where we could come up with a better solution that could have an outsize impact on creating value for families - save time, peace of mind, etc. We knew that if entrepreneurship was ever going to be an option for us, we would have to find an idea that was purpose-driven, that was close to our hearts, and that we could get excited about doing every single day. We didn’t expect the answer to be nappies but it turns out the industry and the challenge of building a consumer brand with all its operational complexity and inherent connection to customers suits us perfectly.


HANX: Those of us in the parenting stage of our lives - or about to enter it - may know that kids need a lot of nappies. Like, a lot, a lot. We know sustainability is baked into how you do business but can you share more about what that means in practice?


Morgan: With our premium nappies, we’re changing nappy consumption by creating a new category in our industry that blends form and function. Our goal is to help families use less nappies every day, week and year - ultimately sending less to landfill. The only way this strategy can be achieved is by having supremely soft nappies that hold up longer, whilst also protecting the baby's skin. That might seem really basic but the industry has thrived on being a high volume product whereby in Western countries children use somewhere between 5,000-7,000 nappies by the time they’re potty trained. That’s sometimes 8-10 nappies in a day over 2-3 years. We want to shift the mentality at the customer level. If we can help you bring that figure down by 2-3 per day, those savings add up. Climate-KIC validated that we save 93 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per baby that uses us. That’s like driving around the world 12 times. 


HANX: Many of us think about taking the plunge and founding a company. Few of us do it. What tips do you have to get going?


Rima: Talk about your idea to everyone. Feedback early is gold dust - don’t be scared because there is no guarantee anyone can execute on your idea better than you. Network, network, network you never know who someone else knows or what nugget of information they may have. Find a co-founder to go through the highs and lows together. Ideally someone who complements your skill set, who you trust and really enjoy working with - you’re going to spend lots of time together. Morgan and I tested our compatibility over a bottle of wine in a park (COVID-times). 


Morgan: Pride holds you back. Be proud of what you do, the risk you’re taking but don’t let ego get in the way of achieving it. There’s a difference. Forget the haters. Develop thick skin fast. Not everyone will like you or your idea but that usually signals that actually you’re onto something. Learn to appreciate the rollercoaster ride, it’s a constant up and down. Be persistent - you need a lot of patience, courage and dedication to build something.


HANX: Our collaboration - Peachies and HANX - focuses on self-love. We agree that too often we’re focusing on the things we want to change about ourselves. Those days are over. We're championing loving oneself. 


Rima: That’s right. We’re talking about loving your pregnant body, postpartum body, dad bod. Loving your tired, reprogrammed brain. Loving charting new paths in your sexuality and intimacy. Loving discovering new things about yourself by accepting your past. Because from self love as parents and child carers we will be more healed, more patient, more joyful, more present. And from prioritising ourselves, good vibes flow to our little ones.


HANX: So, tell us, what’s something you’ve been struggling with lately. 


Morgan: My son was born just a few months ago, making me officially a mom (I’m American so it’s got to be mom, not mum) with a job outside the home. Sidebar, I make that distinction ‘outside the home’ because staying at home with your children is absolutely work and is absolutely underappreciated for the resilience it commands. I digress. I’ve got leaky boobs, I’m pumping, frankly anywhere and everywhere. I’m experiencing the separation anxiety and the guilt, but also enjoying returning to work. It’s an emotional rollercoaster that many in our communities know well. Take all that and sprinkle on top sleep deprivation. It’s a wild time, but I’m learning to have a short memory, stay positive and focus each day, one at a time. 


Rima:  Morgan's transition into motherhood also marked a transformative period for both myself and Peachies. My responsibilities increased significantly from one day to the next, we grew the team and went through some other structural changes during one of the most intensive periods after our launch mid last year. At first, I was honestly overwhelmed by the changes, given that Morgan and I had developed a symbiotic working relationship, constantly serving as each other's sparring partners. However, this challenging phase turned out to be an incredible opportunity for growth, pushing me beyond my comfort zone. Navigating through this period taught me the importance of building resilience independently and approaching challenges in a more relaxed manner. It was a valuable lesson that often eludes us in our relentless pursuit of the next big thing: the ability to be at ease and embrace the opportunities that life presents. This experience highlighted the significance of opening doors to new possibilities and finding balance amidst the intensity of our professional endeavours. 

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