Big News: Libido Lift is now available in a Boots store near you!

You Can Now Shop Libido Lift At Boots

You Can Now Shop Libido Lift At Boots

An update from Farah and Sarah, our Co-Founders:

“It’s a supermarket sweep! We are absolutely over the moon to be named a finalist for The Grocer’s Gold Awards for Health and Beauty Brand of the Year! This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our small but mighty team. Behind the scenes, alongside making sure your orders get picked and packed swiftly, and discreetly delivered straight to your door from our own website, they’ve been working hard to take on a category dominated by major mainstream players (you know who!).

Convincing the UK’s biggest retailers that two women with no background in building businesses not only know what their female customers really, really want - and that the mainstream brands on shelf aren’t delivering it - has never been easy. We’ll be honest: most buyers weren’t ready for presentations with latex statistics or the word ‘vagina’ being deployed twenty seconds into a pitch… but a combination of sheer belief, products that really do hit the (G) spot and some incredible, pivotal champions at Boots UK, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado, WHSmith travel stores and beyond, we’ve managed to get in-store, on-shelf and shake up the condom aisles for all.


Libido Lift Launches At Boots

It’s also incredible timing, as our best selling natural desire supplement, Libido Lift, has just launched at hundreds of Boots stores all across the UK! The legendary pharmacy was the very first major retailer to believe in us and bring our sensitive condoms and lubricant in-store. Not only has it really helped us get HANX into the hands of far, far more customers than we could do alone, it’s also stayed true to our vision to tackle stigma around sexual wellness.

We were inspired to start the business after an awkward encounter with an old boss in the condom aisle, which made us realise how silly it is that using condoms and proactively advocating for your sexual health is still taboo for a lot of people. Working with Boots, we’ve not only brought our medically backed, designed for vaginal sensitivities products to their customers, but also been given a platform to share expert advice from Dr Sarah’s time working in NHS gynaecology and sexual health clinics to hundreds of thousands of Boots customers - and even popped up with a splashy Cindy demonstration and plenty to say about menopause and sex at Boots HQ in Nottingham! A huge thank you to the buyers, retail and operations team for believing in us and making this partnership such a success. We can’t wait to see Libido Lift in your baskets…

Finally, this success wouldn't have been possible without the support of our incredible community, who have been SO vocal in demanding HANX in stores and showing that we're to be taken seriously as a challenger in the market. We’re so excited for what the future holds. Stay tuned for the results of The Grocer Awards - and some very cool stockist news coming soon…!”


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