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Post-Partum Pleasure Bundle
Post-Partum Pleasure Bundle
Post-Partum Pleasure Bundle
Post-Partum Pleasure Bundle
Post-Partum Pleasure Bundle

Let’s reignite that mojo, baby. ... Read more

Let’s reignite that mojo, baby. We’ve paired up with friend of HANX and passionate women’s health advocate Clio Wood to bring you an exclusive limited edition bundle of post-partum pleasure picks - and save you 15% off RRP

Each bundle is a ready-to-gift with gift wrapping and luxury box, with: 

  • A signed copy of Clio’s new book, ‘Get Your Mojo Back: Sex, Pleasure and Intimacy After Birth’, which guides you through rebuilding intimacy and rediscovering pleasure after having a baby. 
  • 1 X 10 pack of our ultra-thin, vegan Condoms (RRP £12.99) in Standard size. Where extra sensitivity meets extra protection. 
  • 1 X 50ml of our smooth, water-based Lubricant (RRP £14.99). Unflavoured and designed for ultra-comfort.
Whether you’re treating a soon-to-be parent or looking to reclaim your own sensuality, this bundle is the ultimate toolkit for getting your mojo back in motherhood. 
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Burning questions?

What comes in the bundle?

Cindy, our clitoral suction stimulator designed for pure pleasure, and our gentle, water-based Lubricant. They're a match made in heaven.

What is Cindy?

Our clitoral suction stimulator designed for pure pleasure. Created in collaboration with our co-founder, a gynaecology doctor, and a team of vagina owners, it's an external toy that stimulates without the need for penetration. Read all about her here.

What is HANX Lube?

Our signature water-based HANX Lubricant is feeling itself. Non-sticky, non-staining and free from unnecessary chemicals, it’s pH-balanced to make it as close to the real thing as possible. All 50ml are safe to use when you’re on a mission to conceive, and unlike oil-based lubes, it's safe to use with condoms, too. Did we mention it's vegan?

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