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A gif of a HANX vegan condom being placed next to a 10 pack of condoms. Vegan, sustainable and ultra-thin, HANX condoms are top-rated.
A woman smiling at a HANX vegan condom packet. Vegan, sustainable and ultra-thin, HANX condoms are top-rated.
A HANX condom packet half open, with the condom being removed from the inside.
A HANX Vegan large size condom 3 pack being held between two fingers.
  • Sustainable
  • Ultra-thin
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Gynae-approved

Our top-rated, ultra-thin vegan condoms are sustainably sourced and, unlike the johnny big boys on the market, don't include harsh, ... Read more

Our top-rated, ultra-thin vegan condoms are sustainably sourced and, unlike the johnny big boys on the market, don't include harsh, unnecessary chemicals. Better for you, better for the planet. Choose from Standard or Large size and get set to get it on...

The Large packs contain our previous formula (ps: they're still great!)

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Find Standard condoms uncomfortable? Try sizing up to Large. See FAQs for more info
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Why we love them

Fact: many of the johnnie big boys use unnecessary chemicals in their condoms which can cause UTIs. We’ve developed our condoms to be as natural as possible, with no harsh chemicals.


Did you know oil can break down latex? Pair with our water-based Lubricant for extra motion in the ocean and peace of mind.

Burning questions?

Are HANX condoms safe?

Yes, HANX Condoms are verified by the CE mark and undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety. HANX Condoms are also FDA approved. Condoms are a reliable protection but no contraceptive can protect 100% against pregnancy, HIV and/or sexually transmitted infections.

How thin are your condoms?

Condoms don’t get much thinner. Ours are only about 0.055mm to 0.065mm thick. Struggling to picture how thin that is? Same. So we looked it up. And to use a very topical analogy, it’s roughly the width of one lonely, little pube.

So, what's the difference between Standard and Large Size?

It's all about the width, baby. Standard: Nominal width = 53mm, Length = 185mm.

Large Size: Nominal width = 56mm, Length = 195mm.

Are HANX condoms vegan?

Absolutely! Our condoms are free-from animal by-products such as casein (often found in other condoms) and we are officially certified by The Vegan Society.

What are HANX condoms made from?

Our Condoms avoid unnecessary chemicals, and our ingredient list is: Natural latex, Silicone Oil, Magnesium, Kaeflo/ Absorbo, and Silicone LE.

How are your condoms sustainable?

We always look to be as sustainable as possible.

We have reduced energy consumption, chemical load, and waste. Our production has a waste water treatment and compared to plastics, rubber articles degrade very quickly. Our condoms are made from latex which has been responsibly sourced and traded.  Our outer boxes are made from recyclable cardboard.

For now, our condoms are wrapped in foil, as a medical device they need to stay fresh. We are always looking to improve our sustainability and open to new advances in packaging to do so. 

Love your condoms, how can I get HANX on the regular?

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How much is shipping?

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