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You're Doing It Wrong: Here's The Right Way To Put On A Condom...

You're Doing It Wrong: Here's The Right Way To Put On A Condom...

Wed, Apr 15, 20 - HANX Official

Learning how to put on a condom, the right way... We’re taking it right back to the start with the return of our cult Sex Education for Adults content: bringing you the sex-ed you wish you had, straight to your screen. We can’t wipe those memories of sad bananas, sweaty classrooms and the particular embarrassment of Mrs Nice Teacher solemnly uttering the word “va-gi-na”, but we can serve straight facts and sexual healing with Dr. HANX. 🍌




Whether it’s been simply been a while, you’ve never used condoms before or you’re exploring alternatives in lockdown lovin’: don’t panic. You’re dealing with the pick of the bunch, so… y’all ready for this? It's time to learn how to properly put on a condom.


Avoid awkward moments by learning how to put on a condom

Those two or three seconds as you unwrap and put on a condom can feel a little awks, sure, but take a peek at our top tips to build your confidence and ensure you and your partner are as relaxed as possible. *Spotify SEX PLAYLIST (FOR HAVING SEX) optional. 




Step by step guide to putting on a condom 

  1. Check the expiry date, which can be found on the box or the foil wrapper of the condom. HANX condoms guarantee a few years from production to expiry, so you should be good on this front. 
  2. As soon as the penis is fully erect, you’re ready for a condom: grab the HANX, quick! (But not so quick as to startle your partner or knock over the bedside lamp.)
  3. Push the condom inside the foil to the opposite side of where you’re opening the wrapper and don’t use your teeth or anything sharp to open it. Same for sharp nails and jewellery: keep those bad boys well away.
  4. Make sure the condom is the right way up. The ‘teat’ or tip of the condom should point upwards and this pointy bit needs to be facing away from the tip of the penis when you roll it on.
  5. Pinch the tip of the condom with your thumb and forefinger to get rid of the air, as trapped air in this area could make the condom split during use. The more you know: the space at the top is to collect semen and it may be more comfortable to pull the foreskin back (if uncircumcised) before placing the condom on.
  6. Carefully roll the condom from the tip all the way down to the base of the penis. If it won’t unroll it could be inside out and if this is the case, start again with a new condom, as it could already be compromised with semen.
  7. Let's get ready to rumblllleeeeeeeee! You're all set: get to it...
  8. If the condom slips, just roll it back down to the base of the penis but if it comes off completely, start again with a new one. Better to be safe than sorry!
  9. When it’s all over, keep hold of the condom at the base of the penis to make sure it doesn’t slip off while you pull out. Take the condom off, tie a knot in it (no balloon animals, we beg you) so that the contents don’t spill out and wrap it in a tissue.
  10. HANX condoms can be disposed of in household waste or compost, decomposing under the influence of light and oxygen usually after about 3 months. Feeling flush? Never dispose of condoms down the toilet, as this can block sewage and your cast-offs could even end up on display in the Museum of London...



Quick fire round! Here’s some pointers to make using condoms more a-peel-ing (sorry): 


  • Make the process fun: why not mix it up a little and put the condom on with your mouth (avoiding teeth, obvs)? Full disclosure: it might take *a little* practice...
  • Double down and use both hands to pleasure your partner whilst putting it on. 
  • Open the condom during foreplay to minimise any unnecessary fumbling around…
  • Try putting lubricant in and on the condom itself: this increases sensation at the tip of the penis where it is super sensitive and also helps the condom to slip on no problem!
  • Use lube throughout condom use - it helps make sex more pleasurable and can help stop the condom breaking too. Make sure it’s water-based lubricant as oil/ silicone-based lube can break down the latex in condoms and cause them to break. 👀


We don’t need to tell you how essential condoms are to a safe and pleasurable sex life, but as the best protection against STIs, and the only non-hormonal form of contraception that is 98% effective when used correctly, they're pretty important. Grab yourself a pack of HANX vegan, biodegradable condoms.


Stay tuned for more in-depth sex-ed and head over to our HANX Life forum for no-holds-barred advice and zero judgement now.


Team HANX x