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It’s true, we wanna get freaky with you. Here at HANX, we’re on a mission to keep you safe, informed and help you own your sexual wellness. If it’s vegan, gynae-backed, ultra-thin condoms and silky smooth, natural lube you’re after: you’ve come to the right place.


The OG. Get it on with our gynae-approved, ultra-thin, lubricated condoms.

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"Wet, wet, we're gonna make you wet." Ease it along (or in) with our water-based, long-lasting lubricant.


Condom and lube bundles

Couple up with our HANX Bundles and save 10% on your purchase. Our signature condoms and lube, just twice as nice.

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Sexual Wellness

We’re all about the realness: from no-holds-barred accounts of first dates, fancying your mates and all *too* relatable confessions: we’ve been there, and we’ve definitely done that. And that too. Here's where you'll find blogs about relationships and sexual wellness, enjoy!

Thu, Dec 30, 21 - HANX Official sexual wellness
Are Flavoured Condoms Safe For Sex?

First things first: flavoured condoms are an acquired taste (‘scuse the pun). Unfortunately for vagina ow...

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Fri, Nov 19, 21 - HANX Official sexual wellness
Can Condoms and Lubricant Be Used Together?

Lube lovers and the condom crowd, right this way! Lots of people don't realise that. you can actually use l...

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Wed, Jun 30, 21 - HANX Official sexual wellness
Why You Should Switch To Natural Condoms

Veganuary and Earth Day got you thinking? Good news: there are plenty of alternatives to chemical-laden con...

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Tried and tested

We’ve never felt anything like them. Best. Sex. Ever!


Me and my partner both enjoy using these condoms, and it's nice to be using a product which is kinder to our bodies and are also vegan.


Beautifully packaged, joy to use. The lubricant is one of the best I’ve tried. Will definitely reorder!


Really good products, with excellent packaging, biodegradable and vegan. Would recommend.


Incredible! Great quality!


Best condoms I've ever used.


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