Big News: Libido Lift is now available in a Boots store near you!

Welcome To A Brand New Chapter For HANX

Welcome To A Brand New Chapter For HANX

Big news: Libido Lift is officially back in stock. You went absolutely wild for our natural, doctor-designed sex drive support. So much so in fact, that we totally sold out (shout-out to the enterprising fans who debated popped their stash on Vinted!). After lots of behind the scenes wrangling with wild root suppliers (that’s what we get for having ridiculously high standards for our products!), it’s back, baby. You can now add it to your iced lattes, smoothies and acai bowls - just shop right here. Stay tuned for a really fun announcement later this week, too. Trust us, you’ll really want to check it out.

We’re not just excited for the return of Libido Lift. Today, we’re beyond excited to announce the arrival of two additional natural supplements designed to support key health milestones of our community. Allow us to introduce: Menopause Support and Pregnancy Support. So many of you, our amazing community, have been vocal with us about sex, love, and your life stages since the start (thank you!). We’ve always been focused on making sure our sexual wellness essentials are ideal for each of your important life stages, especially pregnancy and menopause - and now we’ve created two products specifically to support you at these times.


Meet Menopause Support 

HANX Menopause Support Supplement, held gently in a woman's hands, against a glorious blue sky with clouds

Designed in-house, led by our Co-Founder and gynaecology doctor Dr Sarah Welsh, Menopause Support has been specifically formulated to help manage the symptoms associated with menopause. The British Menopause Society reports that 75% of women will experience symptoms that range from distracting to debilitating - and we don't think this is something that we should simply grin and bear. With advice and insights from our expert nutritionist partners, we’re aiming to address some of the key symptoms associated with menopause - from exhaustion to metabolism and hormonal fluctuations. We’ve carefully crafted our capsules with ingredients known to combat fatigue and regulate hormonal activity, providing you with all the extra support you need. Take a closer look.


Meet Pregnancy Support

Similarly, Pregnancy Support has been thoughtfully designed to address your unique needs during this amazing journey. As a first time mum, Dr Sarah’s own pregnancy really played a key part in inspiring the formulation of a supplement to support both mum and baby’s overall well-being. With vital Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B6, it’s the ideal nutritional support for when you’re trying for a baby, during pregnancy and onwards through postpartum, too. Find out more.

A New Chapter

This moment represents a significant milestone for HANX. Over the past six years, we've built the most incredible community, all around a shared belief in the need for shame-free sexual wellness and intimate care, designed with our bodies and the planet in mind. It's been so exciting to witness some of our very first customers evolve from die-hard daters into long-term relationships and embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood - or transition into peri-menopause. As always, you’ve been vocal with us about what you want - and need - at these times. Your incredible support drives us forward to continue developing innovative products to meet women's unique needs. 

Ultimately, we’re on a mission to connect women’s life stages: from your first period, to your first time having sex, to your first baby, menopause and beyond. We are beyond excited for this next chapter in our journey - and this is just the start.

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