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2023's Sexiest Moments

2023's Sexiest Moments

2023 has been an incredible year for HANX, not just in terms of our dating stats. We’ve been busy revealing the product you’ve been asking us for since day one, spreading the word about the need for no-blushes women’s health products and perspectives all around the world - and more. Here are just some of our favourite moments of the year…

Let’s Open Up About Vaginismus

It’s time to talk about the birds, bees and ‘broken’ vaginas. On Valentine’s Day, we took over the sexiest day of the year to tackle an unsexy truth: the condition vaginismus causes involuntary spasms of the vaginal canal and can make penetrative sex painful or even impossible. Despite widespread misunderstanding socially and even in the medical field, it’s far more common than people think. We teamed up with the incredible creatives at Leith to encourage the world to start talking about it! From speaking to your GP to helping your partner/s understand how sex might look different for you, we launched a free digital hub, Let’s Open Up, full of practical information from those who do experience vaginismus, plus our own Dr HANX. We believe this conversation has been consigned to whispers for too long, so we took over billboards all over the UK to challenge the silence - and hosted an intimate, in-person meetup on International Women’s Day with comedian and writer of ‘My Broken Vagina’, Fran Bushe, sex therapist Bima Loxley, Leith creative Mairi Wilson and our own Dr HANX, Sarah Welsh. A night of powerful conversation and exploration, we couldn’t be more grateful to all who joined us and took over the mic - the sign of a much-needed space to have these conversations. In the first weeks of the campaign, we reached over 10 million people, started many, many conversations and heard firsthand from you how important it is to shine a light on conditions like this. Learn more about it here.


Launching HANX’s First Ever Sex Toy…

Firstly, 2023’s MVP, Cindy. Co-designed with a hardcore crew of HANX fans, we were over the moon to release the most-requested HANX product of all time: our first sex toy. The design process included getting together with pleasure lovers to talk all about the ins and outs of penetrative masturbation versus clitoral fun, plus size, shape, colour and texture of toys - and disastrous dating along the way, too. It was fascinating to hear about what you really, really want in the bedroom and collectively create the dream pleasure partner. Out with purple or red veiny phalluses and in with a cute (one of the most mentioned words in our focus group!), palm-sized, discreet clit sucker


… And The Future of HANX

So many of you, our amazing community, have been vocal with us about sex, love, and your life stages since the start (thank you!). We’ve always been focused on making sure our sexual wellness essentials are ideal for each of your important life stages, especially pregnancy and menopause - and in 2023, we revealed two products specifically to support you at these times: Pregnancy Support and Menopause Support. After selling out within the first few days of launching, we’re beyond excited to bring them back just in time for the New Year both online - and exclusively in-aisle at selected Sainsbury’s stores.


Checking It Out


After a year of having our Instagram account restricted for talking about menopause, libido and vaginal health (and our ads shut down!), the real-life wins felt even more incredible. When we started out, we were on a mission to get our natural, sensitive condoms into the UK’s major retailers. Six years later, you can find us in Boots, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WHSmith, Superdrug and more amazing independents, too - with some exciting moves:

  • We were beyond excited to launch our Libido Lift supplement in selected Sainsbury’s stores, alongside our brand-new Pregnancy Support and Menopause Support supplements.
  • We know the feeling of getting set to get it on with that Hinge hottie and realising the johnny stash is bare. The team at Tesco agreed that no one should be caught short, so together, we brought our pocket-sized three packs of Condoms into selected convenience stores near you. No more trekking to farflung cornershops for dusty mystery packets of banana-flavoured french letter. Just nip down to a local Tesco Express on our stockist page to grab our signature vegan, spermicide-free condoms.
  • Now boarding flight 69… There’s nothing better than just-walked-into-the-hotel-room sex, and your holiday humps deserve the best in protection. With the support of the amazing team at WHSmith, we became the first sexual wellness brand to take over digital screens in their airport stores. Top tip: our Lube slips under the liquid limit, so it’s safe to stash in your carry-on. Grab a bottle at a WHSmith travel store in airports and train stations around the UK.


Teaming Up 

From Scotty Unfamous’ no-holds-barred review of our first toy to the reality of visiting a popular swinging resort, or how masturbation is an empowering act as a fat babe - and one of our most read Naked Truths of the year, why Miss Gold launched London's hottest male-gaze-free play party. It's been a wild year teaming up with some incredible (s)experts to help expand your minds and refuel your sex lives! We’ve also donated thousands and thousands of condoms and gallons of Lube to our charity partners, including Margate Queer Pride, Lady Garden Foundation, Get Lippy and beyond (personal fave: look out for us alongside free period care on tour with queer punks, The Menstrual Cramps!). Got plans for 2024? Get in touch - if we can make it happen, we will!


Championing Women’s Health

London, Paris, Latvia and the USA: Farah and Sarah have been all around the world to share HANX’s story and represent the best of British femtech talent this year. We were especially proud of Farah being invited to take part in the Mayor of London’s HealthTech trade mission, which saw her jet off to learn from innovators Stateside in LA, San Francisco and NYC.


And Finally..

We welcomed our tiniest team mate in the form of our Co-Founder Sarah’s first baby (and two full-sized new team members in Marketing, too!). Weekly meetings have never been more fun than juggling a baby between us all and taking their babbled suggestions very seriously…!


Want more?

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  • Find your nearest HANX stockist in the UK here.

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