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Oh, Baby! Why We’re Launching A Pregnancy Support Supplement

Oh, Baby! Why We’re Launching A Pregnancy Support Supplement

Hello, HANX Gang!

Dr Sarah (Co-Founder of HANX), here. I wanted to take you inside the launch of our newest product, Pregnancy Support. I’m immensely proud of all of our products, but this one feels particularly special for me...

During my time working in the NHS, I followed my passion and specialised in gynaecology and obstetrics. Supporting new parents through the journey of pregnancy was one of the most rewarding aspects of my career and I absolutely loved working on maternity wards (even the long, late night shifts!). However, when I was expecting my first baby last year, I was surprised to find that there wasn't a supplement on the market that ticked all the boxes for me. Trust me, running a startup with a small team is hard enough, but when you’re fighting lingering nausea and fatigue all day, too? A totally different ballgame.

After much research and discussions with my Co-Founder Farah, we concluded that the products on shelf simply didn’t offer all the nutritional benefits needed, without unnecessary padding ingredients. It was a real spark of inspiration for something brand new at HANX, and so it made total sense for us to collaborate once more with the brilliant trusted nutritionist partner behind our first supplement, Libido Lift. Together, we’ve designed a natural nutritional support that caters specifically to expectant parents: and so, Pregnancy Support was born.

Launching our second supplement feels incredibly significant, as it coincides with my return from maternity leave. HANX will always be my first baby, and I’m beyond proud that my own experiences, both as a doctor, and a mother, have helped to shape the future of our business. It’s also a really heartwarming reminder of how much we have achieved as a small team, and how far we have come in addressing such major, but underserved, health milestones. From dating to conceiving babies, HANX has been with you every step of the way - and we have so much more to come.

I wanted to take a moment also to thank our incredible community - the trust you’ve had in us since day one is the ultimate motivator! Your feedback and loyalty have been invaluable in shaping our journey, and are still the number one thing we have in mind when we picture the future of HANX. When you let us know you’re pausing your condom subscription to try for a baby, or that you’ve chosen our gentle Lubricant to help ease back into sex post-partum, we hear you - and we’ve got you. 

Thanks to your continued support, we’re able to bring Pregnancy Support into existence - and I can’t wait to hear about your experiences, too. You know where to get in touch!

With love and excitement,
Dr. Sarah Welsh


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