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Meet Miss Gold, Founder Of London's Hottest Play Parties

Meet Miss Gold, Founder Of London's Hottest Play Parties

We believe it’s time the world stopped being weird about sex, and we’re always on the lookout for sex positive pioneers who are making change happen. Meet Miss Gold, Founder of One Night Parties, a celebration of female and non-binary sexuality. At these parties, women and non-binary people are invited to get naked, explore their femininity, express their sexuality, and meet other open-minded people.

Beyond just creating space for people to explore their kinks and wear their best latex garms, Miss Gold’s play parties allow attendees to free themselves of the male gaze. Find out why there’s a major waitlist to take part… and how you can be part of it.

Why did you create ONP?

“The short answer is that I wanted to create a party that I’d like to attend. I have a love for sex parties, but a disdain for entitled men. I wanted a space where men didn’t exist (unless they are in the form of a human toilet), and where female pleasure was centred - it was important that there was a balance of play, conversation, and performances, with a soundtrack that wasn’t techno.

ONP is as much about forging friendships with like minded females + NBS as it is about exploring yourself sexually. I wanted people to leave the parties feeling like they’d found their people."

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about play parties?

“That you have to play, that everyone who attends a sex party is “gagging for it”, or that being at a sex party equates to consenting to being touched.

People go to sex parties to feel free and liberated, some go for the music, others go because they love dressing up in fetishwear. Some just enjoy the environment of that kind of space. Of course, many people are there for play… but that isn’t always the case." 

How do you create a welcoming atmosphere at ONP events?

“I think that having the WhatsApp group prior to the parties really helps, it creates a sense of community and familiarity for guests before they even arrive. The parties are never huge, which allows the space to feel intimate.

The venues that the parties are hosted at always have a mixture of furniture that is purpose built for play, alongside furniture that would usually exist in a (sometimes decadent) domestic setting. I think this ensures that the space feels a little more familiar, less daunting, and feminine.”

What advice would you give to someone who hasn’t attended ONP before?

“If you’re a little nervous about attending a party that focuses on play, I’d recommend attending one of our events at Paul Street. Our Sunday soirées, which happen every other month, include performances, cocktails, shibari, and limited spots to be a willing victim in one of our house dommes. The music is low (unless you head to the dance floor at the top of the building) which enables guests to get to know one another. 

One Night seems to act like a bit of a gateway drug when it comes to sex parties. We’ve had many guests who have never attended a party prior to ONP, and after attending they have the confidence or desire to attend larger parties, and in some cases mixed parties. 

Before attending our events always read the rules, understand our ethos, and tell yourself you look fucking gorgeous before you leave the house.”

Why is the guest list women and NB folk only?

“There are plenty of parties that welcome all genders, moreover, there have been spaces that are exclusively for men for centuries. Gentlemen’s clubs, gay clubs, private members’ clubs; there’s been an emphasis on spaces where men are entertained and able to explore their sexuality throughout history. However, women having places that exist for their pleasure, entertainment and liberation are a lot more limited.

The guest-list is void of men because we deserve and want a space without them.”

Let’s talk dress code: where is a great place to start/recommendations for places to find appropriate looks? 

“Our dress code has an emphasis on lingerie, rather than fetishwear, although of course fetishwear is welcome. Lingerie is a little more accessible, and something we are all familiar with. I personally love Agent Provocateur for a treat, but applaud brands like Playful Promises and Fenty who have a wide size range at reasonable prices. 

Latex, leather, PVC, and any other material you could attribute to fetish is also welcome. Lady Lucie, Soft Skin latex and Primal Leather are three of my favourites, they are pricey but built to last. If you have a smaller budget, Honour and MM Latex are a lot more affordable. 

It’s important that our dress code doesn’t intimidate those on lower incomes. If a guest is worried about what to wear before an event we always encourage them to reach out. Again, the WhatsApp groups are a great place to exchange outfit ideas and get excited, rather than scared, about the dress code. It’s an opportunity to dress (or undress) in a way you wouldn’t day-to-day.”

What are the biggest hurdles you’ve found in hosting ONP so far?

“Venues - finding spaces that are accessible, happy for us to host sex parties, with good transport links, that also look nice, is like finding a needle in a haystack!”

How can the HANX audience get involved in future events?

“If you’d like to come to an event, fill in our multi step registration form on our website. Tickets are only available to those on our verified mailing list.”

Want more?

  • Looking for more on One Night parties? Check out their Instagram for the latest news on their upcoming events. And, if you want to hear from Miss Gold herself, check out her interview with Freeda about the importance of female-focused spaces. 

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If you love learning more about what’s going on in the wonderful world of sex, head to our Naked Truths blog for honest discussions on pleasure, vaginal health, and much more!

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