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What Really Goes Down At A Swingers Resort

What Really Goes Down At A Swingers Resort

Today's Naked Truths comes to you from one of our favourite sex educators on our feeds. Suzanne Noble is the co-host of the popular podcast Sex Advice for Seniors and TikTok channel of the same name. With a wealth of experience in dating, sex and relationships dating back to the early 2000s when she first came across the now-defunct nerve.comSuzanne has dabbled in various alternative lifestyles. With two grown-up boys, she now enjoys her single-ish life. Recently, we bumped into her at a party and heard all about her upcoming visit to France's most whispered-about swingers resort. Our reaction: "Will you write a tell-all for us on your return?" Read on for the full story...

Part I

"My first stop on my Cap D'Agde adventure, after dropping off my bags at the Airbnb and receiving a thorough naked tour of my room and the small flat I was sharing with naturists Jean and Sabrina, was the foam party.

Ever since my initial visits to Cap D'Agde in 2004, the foam party has been a quintessential afternoon activity among the swingers in the village. It's an experience that can only be described as Caligula on steroids.

The outdoor venue is vast, with mattresses lining the perimeter (available for an additional cost) and a swimming pool that occupies a significant portion of the space. Alongside the mattresses and pool, there's a long bar and an open area filled with small, tall tables where people can prop their drinks. Techno music fills the air (as it does in most places), and couples and groups are scattered throughout the venue, which becomes increasingly crowded as the afternoon progresses.

The alcohol flows freely, creating a relaxed and uninhibited atmosphere. The foam party starts at 2 pm and continues until 7 pm, and it's almost a guarantee that by 6 pm, most people will be engaged in sexual activities with someone or multiple partners. I distinctly recall turning to my left at one point and witnessing the previously friendly and attractive South African couple I had been chatting with earlier engaged in passionate doggy-style sex.

The foam section of the party is a room where a foam machine descends from the ceiling, continuously pumping out foam until everyone is literally covered in it. Couples enter the room to dance, get foamy, and generally indulge in a "anything goes" environment, where hands roam freely. My main concern in that room is always ensuring that no soap gets into my intimate areas, as who knows what's in that foam. It's crucial to thoroughly shower afterward.

Arriving on a Saturday meant that the foam party was at its peak. Despite having entered the village just a little over an hour earlier, it was an excellent way to immerse myself in the hedonistic vibe of Cap D'Agde. Even if you're not actively participating in the swinging lifestyle and simply want to observe, it's impossible not to enjoy the atmosphere. Smiles, dancing, and a carefree spirit fill the air. I vividly remember glancing over at one point and seeing a man in a wheelchair being pleasured by his partner, with no one paying much attention.

As the South African man in the couple eloquently expressed when we discussed the appeal of Cap D'Agde, "Who wants to go and see a cathedral after this?"

And so, my adventure in Cap D'Agde had begun, with the foam party serving as a spirited introduction to the uninhibited and exhilarating world that awaited me in this unique village.

Part II 

I find myself in a packed bar where the average age is around 55. The speakers are blaring techno music, which, under normal circumstances, I would go to great lengths to avoid. Most of the patrons are heterosexual couples, and in line with the fashion in the village where I'm staying, the women are sporting sky-high heels, revealing dresses, or inexpensive fetish attire, with their breasts protruding through black straps that crisscross their chests. On the other hand, the men are mostly dressed in casual attire suitable for a Saturday night at the pub - chinos and a shirt.

The bar is adorned with poles, a prominent feature of the establishment, where female customers often put on a show. This usually involves sliding their bodies up and down the poles, occasionally engaging in flirtatious interactions with the women on adjacent poles. However, I have yet to witness anyone perform in a professional manner. It's part of the bar's charm, observing novices figuring out what to do with an eight-foot-long steel tube.

Mary, my newfound friend, gazes at the pole as she takes a sip of her beer. At sixty-seven years old, she's wearing a sky-blue sheer leotard, matching stockings, and black wedge sandals with her toes peeking through. She asks, "Pole dancing has always been on my bucket list. Should I give it a try?"

"Absolutely!" I shout over the music. I watch as her husband, Jay, lifts her onto the platform, and observe as she wriggles her body around the pole. Jay turns to me and asks, "What about you?"

"Pole dancing isn't on my bucket list," I reply. "I'd rather engage in public intimacy than slither up and down a pole." Mary is overjoyed, her face radiant, as nearby customers cheer her on while she shakes her naked buttocks at them.

After five minutes, Mary descends, checking off another item from her bucket list. "Granny goes pole dancing," she announces, and I burst into laughter. Welcome to Cap D'Agde, the largest naturist and swinging village in the world, where various sexual and other fantasies come to life, particularly those involving exhibitionism.

This is my fifth (or is it sixth?) visit to the place, but my first time on my own. It's certainly not everyone's idea of fun, but it certainly is mine. What's not to like about a place where being naked is the norm, where a foam party (exactly as it sounds) is a typical afternoon activity, and sex is readily available wherever and whenever you desire?

Built in the 70s, this walled village may lack the charm of neighboring towns like Sete or Agde, with their large concrete apartment complexes, but that is one of its few shortcomings. What it lacks in architectural beauty, it compensates for in other aspects, particularly its people. If you have any form of body dysmorphia, I highly recommend a trip to Cap D'Agde, where every size and shape of body is represented in all its naked glory. It makes you realize that even the most beautiful people have their flaws once their clothes come off.

Why do I, and many others, keep returning to this place? There are numerous reasons, but above all, it's the freedom it offers. I can't think of another place on Earth where I feel as liberated to do as I please, whenever I please, as I do in Cap D'Agde. Whether it's lounging on the beach with a book, sitting in a jacuzzi with a new friend while observing couples caressing, or spending time at Melrose with the amateur pole dancers, everything is available and on display, without anyone passing judgment on my choices.

Though I may not possess the same level of sexual desire as I did in my younger days, when a trip to Cap D'Agde might have involved a spontaneous orgy on the beach, being there still exhilarates me.

However, as I've grown older and become more aware of sexual politics, I do have a few reservations. Let's start with consent. I'm not sure if it's a French thing, but the prevailing rule seems to be to expect a "yes" unless explicitly told "no." For instance, at the foam party, where you're literally covered in foam from head to toe, anonymous hands roam over my body, spreading foam over my breasts and between my legs.

Certainly, the anonymity adds to the fun, but it came as a surprise to my male companion when I informed him that it was a man's hand rubbing against his penis along with mine. It's not that he's homophobic, but he admitted he would have preferred not to know. Similarly, while in a jacuzzi, a man approached me from behind, with whom I had shared a brief kiss, fully intending to have unprotected sex with me.

Furthermore, there's the issue of the dress code, which sparked controversy when it was discussed in a Facebook post. Women are expected to dress provocatively throughout the evening, while no such requirement exists for men. When a woman expressed her reluctance to wear high heels, the response she received was, "Then why did you come to Cap D'Agde?"

Moreover, the village is predominantly heteronormative. Although there are a few gay bars and a designated gay section on the beach, same-sex encounters are primarily expected to occur between women, with men observing.

However, setting these concerns aside, Cap D'Agde remains undeniably entertaining and enjoyable. Whether you're a complete newbie looking to experience the swinging lifestyle, someone who wants to hang out for a few days without clothing, or simply seeking a holiday destination that is radically different from anywhere else in the world, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Cap D'Agde offers a unique atmosphere of freedom and acceptance. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but for those who are open-minded and adventurous, it can be an unforgettable experience.

So, if you're ready to let go of inhibitions, immerse yourself in a world of liberation, and embrace the unconventional, a visit to Cap D'Agde might just be the perfect choice. Just be prepared to encounter a place where nudity, sexuality, and self-expression reign supreme."

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