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woman in brown jumper and red scarf shivering and rubbing her arms together as she is cold

It's Time To Level Up Your Winter Sex

Baby, it’s cold outside... and the idea of taking off all your clothes and shivering at your hot date does not give *sexy vibes*.   

Alongside a freezing house (thanks, cozzy livs), a perpetually sniffly nose and chapped lips, we’re sure most of you are not really in the mood to get it on. On the plus side, tis’ the season for staying in - meaning you and your partner have lots of opportunity to get hot and steamy in the bedroom (and avoid turning on the heating - bonus!). 

According to a Lovehoney survey, on average we’re having the least amount of sex in the month of November. Lucky for you, we’ve got some super cosy sex tips that are going to be sure to level up your winter sex and get you out of that chilly spell…

1. Wear socks during the deed 

During winter, the fluffy socks are not coming off. The good news is that keeping your socks on during sex can actually improve your chances of climaxing. A study conducted by neuroscientist Gert Holstege at the University of Groningen found that couples who wore socks during sex were 30% more likely to orgasm in comparison to the sockless couples. The memes were right! The socks are strictly staying on, ladies.

2. Spooning leads to WHAT? 

Spooning is undoubtedly the snuggiest position to get freaky, but arguably can have some teething problems getting into position. It’s worth giving it a go and trying different angles because once you master it - they’ll be no going back. The best way to utilise this position is getting under the covers and ensuring you’re as close to your partner as possible to minimise the amount of cold air that can reach your skin. Bonus points if the big spoon makes the most of having their hands free (wink wink). Who needs ear muffs when you can use thighs instead?!

3. Get down and dirty whilst getting clean 

We all love a good bubble bath, and if you’re lucky to have a bath big enough for two - make the most of it! Now I’m sure we’ve all learnt the hard lesson that water is not wet, it can actually lead to some pretty painful friction which is why a little extra lubricant can never go a miss! Baths are a great way to get things steamy and get into foreplay. Light some candles, pop on a moody playlist and get scrub-a-dub-dubbing. To level up your sexy bath, get some waterproof toys involved like our mini clit sucker, Cindy, which is a great addition to any sort of aquatic fun.

4. Hot toddy-oddy-oddy 

Ever heard the tip about putting an ice cube in your mouth before giving oral to give a cooling sensation? No one wants to get even colder in the winter. Instead of that, try something different that will raise temperatures and eyebrows. Prep a hot drink, have it on hand on your nightstand, take a sip and swallow (pardon the pun) before going south to give a nice warming sensation. To make things even more exciting, try our Libido Lift Hot Toddy-oddy-oddy recipe to make things extra spicy. 

5. Try warming oils 

A romantic massage is a good way of getting closer and really building  intimacy with the one who sits resplendent on your phone background. Try infusing some warming, body-safe essential oils into your massage oils, such as cinnamon bark or ginger to get a warming tingly sensation on the skin. Top tip: make sure to use diluted oils that are marked safe for use as these can be very strong, and be careful where you apply them. Our Co-Founder and gynae expert Dr. Sarah Welsh told us:

 “Essential oils can be a great way to bring something new into the bedroom to help spice things up, but you definitely do not want to be putting them anywhere near your vulva or vagina. These oils can cause irritation in sensitive genital areas and throw off your pH balance, which subsequently can cause problems such as Thrush or BV. 

So have fun with your massage oils, but make sure you’re keeping them skin-safe and above the waist.

As we’re nearing the end of year and getting into our ho,ho,ho season, make the most of the cold weather and bring the heat into other aspects of your life! It’s the perfect time to be adventurous and try something new. Winter is coming, and after this, so are you!

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