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How To Climax In Just Three Minutes

How To Climax In Just Three Minutes

According to a study by Brown University, it takes the average woman 10–20 minutes to orgasm. But, let’s be honest, we don’t always have 10-20 minutes spare in a day. Time is precious nowadays, so what if I told you that you could get there in just three minutes? Now, we’re not suggesting that you get a stopwatch out, we believe that The Big O isn’t the finish line and it’s not always possible for everyone. But, knowing how to get off, and quickly - well, everyone deserves that.

1. Get the right tools for the job

If you’re not new to toys, you’ve probably got a bedroom drawer full of toys in all different shapes and sizes so you understand what works best for you. However, if you’re a beginner, dipping your toe into the world of toys might seem a little daunting. It’s hard to know what type of toy works for you, and seeing something named ‘The Mega Thruster 5000’ can be absolutely terrifying. Our best-selling toy Cindy, is perfect for beginners (and advanced users). Cindy is a clitoral stimulator, meaning this toy is all about the clit baby. With only 18% of women being able to reach climax through penetration, for the majority focusing on the clitorus will be a winner. When Refinery29 put our suction toy to the test, they reached orgasm in less than 3 minutes! Interested in learning how Cindy works? Read our piece on how to use a clitoral suction toy. 

2. Get acquainted with your body and learn your technique 

In every area of life, practice always makes perfect. If you’re just beginning your journey of self-pleasure and discovery, it’s going to take you some time to figure out what you like and what you don’t like - and that’s all part of the fun! Each time you masturbate, take note of what sensations you like, the placement of toys, even things like the time of day or location (some of us find it more relaxing to masturbate in the evening, when all the day's to-do list is ticked off). Once you’ve figured out what works for you, you can start having fun with it and you’ll find yourself climaxing more quickly and frequently.

3. Breathwork

It’s very common for women on the precipice of climax, to tense all their muscles and hold their breath. When you hold your breath, you stop releasing nitric acid into your bloodstream. Nitric acid increases blood flow to the genitals and relaxes smooth muscles, so in order to climax quickly, you need to focus on breathing. There are many different breathing techniques you can use to help speed up your orgasm, or even give yourself a more intense orgasm so it’s worth researching the different kinds and what works for you. The most common breathing exercise to increase pleasure is called 4-7-8 breathing. To perform 4-7-8 breathing, simply breathe in deeply through your nose for four seconds. Then hold your breath for seven seconds. Finally, exhale slowly through your mouth for eight seconds. Repeat this over and over again whilst you’re masturbating (or even with a partner) and it’ll be sure to get that blood pumping.

4. Set the scene 

If you were having partnered sex, you wouldn’t skip straight to the main act. Same goes with masturbation, you should be having foreplay with yourself to get yourself in the mood and ready to go. This could include running yourself a nice bubble bath (Did we mention that Cindy can be submerged underwater?), reading your favourite smutty book, or even putting a pair of headphones on and listening to an audio erotica: we're big fans of Ferly. To ramp it up even more, you could try pairing Cindy with our gentle toy-friendly lubricant. There’s nothing sexy about a rushed wank under the covers whilst hearing other members of your household running around, so make sure you give yourself the time you deserve. 


Ultimately, putting a time restriction on an orgasm is not the best idea as pressure is never sexy. But, using a combination of the above steps is a sure way to intensify your orgasms and get there quicker than you usually would.

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