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Let's Talk Dirty Books

Let's Talk Dirty Books

Smut is defined as “obscene, or lascivious talk, writing or pictures.”, meaning the world of Smut is incredibly vast and can vary from mainstream porn to that erotic Twilight fan fiction you used to secretly read when you were 14. 

For many of us, some of the more popular steamy tropes like getting it on with your step-brother or being piped by your plumber don’t really get us going. This is where smutty books come in handy (pardon the pun). Now, these aren’t your average Jilly Cooper romance novels, they are oh so much more. There’s a smutty book for whatever your kink (no judgement here) from fae porn to praise kink, to being kidnapped by a mafia boss to seducing a priest, they’ve got it all. 

It can be a bit overwhelming tipping your toe into the wild world of erotic novels, so we’re here to help you with our top 5 favourite smutty book recommendations… 

1. Priest by Sierra Simone 

Father Bell is the OG Hot Priest, way before Fleabag taught us how sexy a man in a clerical collar could be. Forbidden Love has been a favourite in the romance genre throughout the ages: Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy. So, what could be better than a forbidden love story involving a priest who has been sworn to celibacy and an irresistible girl next door? Add in a little bit of kink, and some genuinely amazing writing and we have a winner. If you have no issues with sexualising a priest, It’s time to lay yourself down at the altar of Father Bell and repent for your sins. 

2. Twisted Love by Ana Huang 

If you have a thing for toxic bossy men, this is the book for you. This is the classic case of “I would never tolerate this behaviour in real life, but can’t get enough of it in fiction”. The book follows Alex Volktov, a man who has many demons and a cursed past who has been forced to look after his best friend’s sister… We all know where this is going. What’s better than a man with washboard abs, an 160 IQ and a million dollar business at the age of 27 who knows when it’s time to grovel? Beware, there are some cringey moments in this one, but the smut always makes up for it. 

3. Icebreaker by Hannah Grace 

It’s the golden retriever guys you gotta keep an eye out for, they’ll surprise you the most with a dirty mouth and some extra spicy extra-curriculars. Anatasia has been a competitive ice skater since she was five years old and has earned herself a full college scholarship, but when an ~incident~ happens at the rink and Anatasia is forced to share the space with an ice hockey team she despises, how will Nathan Hopkins, the ice-hockey captain, make it up to her? This book will have you BLUSHING. It’s definitely not the best book to read on the tube on the way to work because believe me - the person sitting next to you looking over your shoulder will be asking you to slow down so they can finish reading the page. Amazing plot, even better spice levels… going to start looking confused at an ice rink in hopes of picking up my own Nathan Hopkins. 

4. Inked in Lies by Giana Darling 

Recipe for amazing smut: a bad boy, a dash of BDSM sprinkled with crime and a sprig of friends-to-lovers. Inked in Lies follows Lila and Nova as they grow up, falling in and out of love. As they start to drift apart, Nova gets himself in trouble through his motorcycle gang and only Lila can help. This is one of those books where the romance has so many ups and downs, you’ll find yourself screaming at the book ‘JUST BE TOGETHER ALREADY!” as the dynamic between the two is too good.  

5. A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J. Maas 

You really thought we could do a smutty book recommendation list and not include ACOTAR? These books have become super popular within the last couple of years, and are even getting their own TV series soon! For good reason too, these books introduced faerie smut to a generation of people who grew up reading Rainbow Magic Fairy books. There are 5 books in this series, and so it is definitely more of a slow-burner in comparison to some of the other books on this list but believe me, this one’s a spicy one. You’ll be thinking of Rhysand for MONTHS after this. 


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