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Discreet, effective hormonal contraception and intimate treatments.

Meet HANX Fix: your go-to service for hormonal contraception and intimate health treatments. No hassle, just trusted treatments and relief: ordered, dispensed and delivered straight to your door.


Ready to talk Thrush ? Spoiler alert : it’s a common fungal infection that affects most vaginas. No more beating around the bush, we have a range of anti - fungal treatments to get rid of your niggling infection.

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Bacterial Vaginosis

What’s the deal with Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)? Well, other than sounding like a metal band... it’s a common cause of unusual vaginal discharge. Get your BV sorted today with our natural approach to the management of BV through the regulation of vaginal pH.

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Our cranberry flavoured cystitis relief sachets are designed to alleviate the irritable symptoms caused by cystitis , by making your urine less acidic and less painful . This 48 - hour complete course gives effective relief of the symptoms of cystitis. What a champ!

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Combined Oral Contraceptive Pills

No prescription, no GP appointment. Choose from over 20+ pill options with our new online-only service for hormonal contraception.

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Progesterone Only Pills

Introducing the mini pill. An oestrogen-free contraceptive pill, discreetly delivered straight to your door.

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Emergency Contraceptive Pills

Why wait until the morning after for the morning after? Get emergency contraception when you need it - or be prepared for the future.

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Female Health

Welcome to the HANX blog. Here's where you'll find women's health, the intimate stuff, and vaginal issues but strictly no judgement. What are you waiting for? Let's do this...

Mon, Jan 17, 22 - HANX Official female health
Cervical Cancer: What You Need To Know

Smear test. Cervical screen. Pap smear. Whatever you call it, make sure you get it. This Cervical Cancer P...

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Thu, Jun 24, 21 - HANX Official female health
Contraception For Postpartum Sex

Wondering which steps to take as you consider contraception after birth? We’ve compiled all the information...

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Tue, Apr 13, 21 - HANX Official female health
Dr HANX: Menopause and Thrush

Let’s talk about a common accompaniment to menopause: thrush. As the mucus in your vagina subsides, the aci...

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Tried & Tested

No more taking your whole make up bag to the toilet! Love the HANX pouch, it's super work-friendly and my Thrush is gone!


Sorted my cystitis without making a big deal about it. Winner.


Problem solved! OK, I was nervous but the clear instructions and easy ordering system made it less daunting.


HANX FIX had me waving bye bye to BV in days!


Easy, efficient, and the super cute pouch to keep all my treatments in is handy.


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