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Discover HANX

The condoms that add to your sex life.

Condoms are due a revolution. Out with the uncomfortable, chemical-coated johnnies of the past, and in with HANX - gentle and gynae-designed to give you peace of mind in the bedroom.

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Ultra-thin and comfortable

Just 0.05mm thick, with no rubbery feeling or harsh UTI-causing chemicals

Safe and strong

Our condoms are CE and FDA approved and rigorously tested

Doctor designed

Created by our co-founder, experienced gynaecology doctor Dr. Sarah Welsh

Sustainably sourced

Made from responsible latex which has been responsibly sourced with reduced waste and energy use

Designed with you in mind.

We're Farah and Sarah, two BFFs who got sick of the harsh, outdated sexual wellness products on shelf. With Sarah's NHS experience, we ditching weird unnecessary chemicals to create the natural, sensitive and sexy condoms and lube we all deserve.

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Join the thousands of people making the switch to sexual wellness that's good for you, and for the planet.

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