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What Are Your Earth-Shattering Fantasies?

What Are Your Earth-Shattering Fantasies?

Forget Mother Earth, how about giving in to Mistress Earth? This Earth Day, we’re investigating what you’ve been fantasising about, from the vanilla to something a little saucier. We asked our community what their minds have been running wild with, whether that’s inspired them to try out any new kinks, and, most importantly, how important sustainable sexual wellness *really* is.

Bound Together

Being tied up or restrained was voted the number one fantasy by the HANX community, with some respondents saying their ultimate fantasy is to give in complete control (consensually) to their partner or dom/domme. 

Don't Watch That, Watch This!

When we asked our community what their *ultimate* fantasy was, we saw some answers that would make even Christian Grey blush… 34% of respondents said they daydream about being watched, and 31% said that they fantasise about watching others fuck. Whether in a group scenario, or watching your partner get pegged, our community of horny HANX-ers want to be seen and not just heard. 

Trying Something New 

50% of respondents admitted that these wild, wild thoughts of theirs had inspired trying something new over the past few months, and 80% believed they had become more open to exploring things sexually than they had been previously. 

Post-lockdown liberation could be the reason behind this embrace of the XXX-ier side of life. We know from our report with dating app Inner Circle, The Modern Attitudes Towards Sex and Dating Report, that 45% of us have a more open outlook to sex and dating as we emerge from COVID.

What has our community been experimenting with?

  • BDSM - 47.7%

  • Role play - 34.1%

  • Filming yourself/your partner(s) - 31.8%

  • Sex outdoors - 29.5%

  • Impact play - 25%

  • Voyeurism - 13.6%

  • Foot play- 11.4%

  • Anal - 3% 

Make the Earth Move

However dirty you’re getting, make sure your sexual wellness essentials are clean. Most people don’t know what a condom is made from, or why it’s important to check the ingredients list of your lube (hello, yeast infection-causing glycerine!). As our Co-Founder Farah Kabir alway says: “If you can name every ingredient in your skincare routine, you should be able to name what’s going in your vagina, too!” 

With our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh’s gynaecology expertise, we created our condoms and lubricant to be as natural as possible, vegan certified and sustainable, too. We asked our community if planet-friendly orgasms really matter to them:

  • 35.5% said the sustainability of their sexual wellness products was very important to them, and that they’d pay more for it. 
  • 13% said it may not be their priority, but it's certainly an added bonus.

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