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What Are Our Biggest Lockdown Fantasies?

What Are Our Biggest Lockdown Fantasies?

Global pandemic: the biggest lady boner killer of our time? As our worlds got that little bit smaller and our sex drives that little bit funkier, we really wanted to know the state of sex in 2020*. We quizzed the HANX Gang all about their sex dreams, libidos and fantasies - and the results are in, you horndogs. Y'all ready for this? 💦

Isolation Nation

Calling all long-distance lovers: 76% of respondents aren’t in lockdown with their partner, instead 49% are quarantining with family. 🙃 (More on this from guest blogger, Georgia, here...)


Sex Drive Rising

  • Has lockdown made us hornier? Our survey says: YES. 🔥 52% of respondents said they're more aroused than ever, with 23% heading to dating apps to digitally scratch that itch.
  • Desperately seeking stimulation? 31% of people are actively watching more porn. If it's a choice between digital rumpy pumpy and yet another Zoom quiz, we see their point... 🍆 
  • 50% are tempted to break lockdown to see a partner (but only 22% have *actually* done it). 👀
  • Clitoral stimulants are the lockdown toy of choice, with 53% eschewing alternatives. 🐚
  • 55% admit to having erotic dreams about someone they know IRL... 💭
  • Lonesome tonight? 20% are fantasising about passion and romance... and 16% are dreaming of getting up to no good in unusual locations. When the only options for a romantic encounter are the sofa, kitchen counter or bedroom, things get stale fast...

Biggest Fantasies of 2020

Our respondents admitted to exploring fantasies including, but not limited to...

Flirting. Sex in the woods. Flight attendants. Hentai. Erotic stories. Historical literature fantasies. Bondage. Group sex. Knots. Sex on the living room rug. Mature women. Feet. Facetime sex. Camping. Threesome. Slapping. Fetish. Fem Dom. Blindfolds. Phone sex. pornography. Anal. Threesomes. Pain. Swinging. Feet. Coconut oil. Reading. Random hook-ups. Mile High Club. Princess sub play. Oral. Pegging. Massage. Vibrators. Power play. Collar and leash. Sex outdoors. Swimming pool. Roleplay. Quickies. Dildos. Rough sex. Lesbian. Cruising. Masturbation. Ropes. Sex in exciting places. Sex with a stranger. Sex on a table in the living room. Fisting. Video calls. Same-sex porn. Sexting. Girl on girl. Cumshot compilations. Toys. Anal. Submission. Squirting. Food play. Pup play. Sex parties. Lubricant. sub/Dom. Medical play. Food play. Open relationships. Butt plugs. Shibari. Polyamory. Whips. HANX lube. Facesitting. Long-term relationships. DP. 69. Rimming. Open relationships. Alternative. The usual. Sex toys for partners. Gay. Bi. Rough sex.Tantric/spiritually led sex. Rimming. Texting. Watersports. Writing erotic stories. Writing erotic stories. Yoni eggs. Vegan. Wife. Tantric/spiritually led sex. Male masturbation. Goblins, wizards, and erotic fan fiction. Crying. Vibes.  Crystal healing. Flirting more. Unshaven sex. 

Want more?

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  • Number of respondents: 540
  • Gender split: 67% female, 32% male, 1% non-binary
  • Period of review: June 2020

  • Information provided by HANX is based on research. We strive to provide the best quality information, and will always continue to do so. Please contact for quotes. All of our questionnaires are copyrighted. They may not be altered, sold, translated into another language or adapted for another medium without permission.All rights reserved to HANX Limited.
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