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Ultra Thin Condoms: Do They Break Quickly?

Ultra Thin Condoms: Do They Break Quickly?

A classic teen movie trope: the (jock/goth/raver) hero won't don a condom because he "doesn't like the way it feels". 🙃

Sounds like a get-out clause, but it might not actually be an excuse to ditch them altogether. Most people know that condoms are 98% effective when used correctly, but not everybody knows that there are different types of condoms to choose from - and that might actually be impacting penis-wielders' enjoyment. If you’ve ever found yourself standing in Boots, weighing up the benefits of ultra-thin condoms vs regular, we're here to give you the ins and outs. Ready? Let’s go!


What does ultra thin condoms mean?

Looking for the best condoms? You’ve come to the right place: ultra thin condoms use latex that tends to be thinner than regular condoms, reducing any lack of sensation and restricted pleasure you might get with standard condoms. Our condoms are developed to be ultra thin and when we say HANX condoms are ultra thin, we mean it: ours are only about 0.05500000mm thick, roughly the width of one pubic hair (we checked).


Are ultra thin condoms safe?

Time to check your packaging! Condoms are technically a medical device and must meet a certain standard to be certified by the relevant regulatory bodies. HANX ultra thin condoms are verified by the CE mark, meaning our condoms meet the strict requirements necessary for sale or distribution in Europe, something not all condoms carry. All our condoms undergo rigorous testing to ensure maximum safety and we’re proud to have won GHP Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards' Best Vegan-Friendly Contraceptive Product, 2020. Find out more about vegan condoms here


Are thin condoms more likely to break?

As with any condom, ultra thin condom breakage completely depends on the use of the condom. Yes condoms are 98% effective if used correctly - that means making sure you're following best practice when getting your johnnies on. Start by reading and following the instructions on the back of the condom box, e.g. if they advise you to use a drop of lube, that means squirting it usually in the tip before you roll your condom onto a penis. Small, Standard, Large, XXL: whatever you're packing, make sure to use the correct condom size, too. You can also be at risk of unwanted pregnancy if your condom doesn't fit properly, as it will be more susceptible to tearing or may even come off during sex. 

Condoms need to fit properly to shield against fluids and exposed skin which could lead to STIs or pregnancy. The girth (the thickest part of an erect penis) is the most important factor when choosing the right size, not length. If a condom is baggy at the tip or has excess rolls at the base, forgo the standard size and look for ‘snug’ fit instead. An indicator that a condom is too small is if it looks overstretched, splits almost immediately or doesn’t cover the penis entirely. If this is a recurring issue, search for condoms in more generous sizing, such as HANX ultra thin Large Size condoms.


Where can you find ultra thin condoms in the UK?

Don’t panic - you can shop ultra thin condoms wherever you buy your sexual wellness essentials, like Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s and Holland and Barrett. They'll state on the front of the packaging if they're ultra-thin variety, so stay eagle-eyed. It’s never been easier to reach for a box of ultra thin lubricated condoms, you just need to check the information on the packaging. Simple!


Do ultra thin condoms feel good?

Hey, that’s what they’re made to do! If you’re concerned about dryness when using an ultra thin condom or the ultra thin condom breaking, reach for the lube. Lubricant is an excellent accessory to have on hand and can reduce any friction that might get in the way and cause condom breakage or splitting. Find out more about pairing ultra thin condoms and lubricant here.


Worried about ultra thin condoms breaking?

Find resources for what to do if a condom breaks with our very own gynaecology doctor and Co-Founder, Dr Sarah Welsh here, alongside with reassuring facts about condom breakage.

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