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Plant-Based Pleasures: How To Date As A Vegan

Plant-Based Pleasures: How To Date As A Vegan

Dating can be a proper minefield. At bare minimum, we’d like a timely text back from a hottie who has a proper bed frame and no yellow pillows (thanks to sockshousemeeting for the inspo). Ideally, however, we’d meet someone whose ethics align with our own, both for harmonious humping and stimulating conversation. This Veganuary, you might have pledged to live a more plant-based life or are simply intrigued about extending your conscious shopping from groceries and skincare into bedroom essentials. Yes, swapping to veganism can have major benefits in the bedroom, with some studies suggesting that a plant-based diet can help to reduce stress and boost libido, too.

Curious? With insights from the HANX community, join us as we explore the challenges and considerations of vegan dating, with top tips on navigating the journey.

The Sexy Stats

Let’s get down to business. We asked our plant-based community how important it was for them to date a fellow vegan. A notable 8.7% would adamantly never date a non-vegan, highlighting the importance they place on shared values:

“Imagine kissing them after they ate kfc also if you’re dating someone that doesn’t align with your values just get a vibrator bro”

“Values that align are really important in a relationship. Veganism (as opposed to plant based) is a fundamental set of ethics and values, it permeates your life”

“I care too much for animals and feel too strongly to have ever if considered a non vegan. I wouldn’t find it very sexy knowing my girlfriend ate animals!”

However, 55% state that the decision to date a non-vegan partner depends on various factors, which suggests an openness to compromise and understanding. Some of our community think that they’re be open to casual hookups or lowkey dating with a meat-eater, but wouldn’t choose to make a longterm commitment to them:

“One night stand? Sure. Long term dating? At the age where I don't settle and my values are very important to me.”

As for the open-minded? 36% of vegans we surveyed expressed their willingness to date someone who doesn't follow their dietary choices. Yes, sometimes lust, or even love, can transcend dietary boundaries.


The Vegan Dating Landscape

As committed daters, we’ve swiped through the proliferation of niche dating apps over the past few years. From beards (Bristlr) to Jew-ish people with high standards (Lox Club), there’s always a platform for you to find your people - and vegans aren’t left out. In the UK, Veggly is an option whilst over the pond, Grazer offers a digital space to meet the one to get your tempeh-rature rising. However, an astonishing 85% of vegan HANX lovers haven't tried a vegan-specific dating app. Too niche? Possibly. It also suggests that the majority largely rely on general dating platforms to find potential partners, to avoid missed opportunities to connect with the one who makes their DMs ping. 

If you’re like the 8.7% of vegans who would prefer not to date someone with differing dietary dedications, head to these veg-specific platforms - or if you’re committed to Hinge, Pure, Feeld, Bumble or Tinder, make it clear what your preferences are on your profile. Why not rock an ‘Oat Milk’ necklace in your headshot, add a few plant emojis to your bio or out and out state you’re a Level 5 vegan who doesn’t eat anything that casts a shadow? It could pay off - according to a study by Zoosk, those who are upfront about their vegan lifestyle on their profile get 62% more responses.  


Vegan Sexual Wellness

While veganism primarily revolves around dietary and beauty products, don’t overlook your sexual wellness go-tos. Whilst 70% of the vegans we surveyed are aware that many mainstream condoms are not vegan-friendly, 54% weren’t aware that the majority of lubricants on the market are also non-vegan (find out why here!). With an overwhelming 73% of respondents stressing that it’s important that their chosen sexual wellness essentials align with their vegan beliefs, it shows that we collectively really need better awareness of what’s actually going into our intimate wellness products.

Vegans are natural label-scanners. We’re more used than most to loitering in the grocery aisles, checking the allergen descriptions for pesky milk powder mentions on the packaging of snacks. However, many of us find even entering the condom and lube aisle awkward, let alone stopping, picking up and scrutinising the packs of johnnies on offer. That’s why we’ve worked hard for our Condoms and Lubricant to be both cruelty-free and certified vegan by The Vegan Society. We also proudly support vegan societies at universities all over the UK with free plant-based pleasure essentials and educational resources, too!

It’s not just the ins and outs of sex to consider, either. Taking your vegan beliefs into the bedroom (or wherever you like to get it on) means considering your toys, and accessories, too. e.g. our first ever toy Cindy is both vegan and cruelty free, as is Fine Bone’s beautiful ceramic dildo. If you’re into all things leather, look to Something Wicked’s new vegan lingerie, or try ColieCo’s vegan bamboo silk knickers for something special.


The Pill Isn't Plant-Based

If you’re using hormonal contraception, be aware that certain options aren’t vegan. The copper IUD is free from animal byproducts, however, lactose (dairy extract) is present in all the contraceptive pills available in the UK and US. Contraception is incredibly personal, and what works for one person may not work for another. If you are vegan and the contraceptive pill is your preferred method of preventing pregnancy (or managing heavy periods, acne or beyond), it is entirely up to you whether it fits in with your lifestyle choices.


Plant Power

Dating as a vegan might not always be straightforward, but being upfront about your plant-based beliefs can lead to thoughtful, sexy connections built on shared values (trust us!). 

If you need a little guidance on your journey, we recommend Farm Girl Goes Vegan as a trustworthy and hilarious companion. Ultimately, veganism is a positive step forward for your pleasure. Good luck, and let us know how you get along!

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