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How To Spring Clean Your Sex Life

How To Spring Clean Your Sex Life

Spring has sprung, and like shy daffodils, the fluffiest of lambs, or optimistic first-time users of dating apps, we’re ready to stumble into the light - and have some filthy adventures, too. With that in mind, welcome to our guide to getting set for your spring flings and yes, it’s full of gardening puns. We’re fully paid up members of the Hornicultural Society, remember? 😏

Prepare your (lady) garden
Nope, this isn’t an excuse for a bush joke - though you can find HANX at Strip waxing bars in the UK. This is a very important reminder if you’ve been going through a fallow period. Had that condom hanging around for a while? Make sure to check the expiry date, which can be found on the box or the foil wrapper of the condom itself. Our own HANX condoms guarantee a few years from production to expiry, so you have time to get your loving on safely.

Sow your wild oats
Cast your heat tech aside and set your dating app geographic radius to the ends of the earth - it’s time to get back out there. Whether you’ve been dutifully observing cuffing season and have set yourself free on the stroke of the spring equinox, or are generally ready for something new. Start virtual with sex positive dating app Pure, which is all about being upfront, open-minded and communicative about your desires. In the UK, we're big fans of One Night Parties, which welcome women and non-binary folk to dress according to their desires, explore their femininity and enjoy performers including Cocoa Kink.

Know your onions
The best gardeners are always studying their craft. Here are a few places to swot up (before going down):

  • Emma-Louise Boynton’s Sex Talks are real-life riots with taboos unpacked and experts on the mic. Don't miss the upcoming session with award-winning erotic filmmaker and feminist Erika Lust...
  • Sex educator Scotty Unfamous’ IG Reels are a lingerie-clad, irreverent take on taboo topics.
  • In the UK, Clitbait’s Monthly Feminist Book Club is an intersectional, virtual meet-up, whilst Jo The Black Bookworm’s sessions have covered Oloni’s The Big O. Across the pond in Brooklyn, Cafe con Libros is a intersectional, Afro-Latinx owned feminist indie bookstore. 
  • Clio Wood wrote the book on postnatal sex (literally!) and hosts must-attend events which explore motherhood and sexual wellbeing, without shame or lecturing. Yes, you will probably find some cheeky HANX treats in your goodie bag…

Go au naturel
Ditch the harsh chemicals in your lubricant for a natural, gentle formula. Not everyone knows this, but if you’re finding yourself irritated and sore after using lube, check the ingredients label for spermicides, flavours or glycerine as all can cause problems. From yeast infections to UTIs, these little nasties. Give a pluck about your (lady) garden, and swap for a water-based lube with as few ingredients as possible.

Put on a display
Rival Chelsea Flower Show with a ripe display - and showcase yourself in some brand new underwear. Ditch sweatshop thongs for consciously made, people and planet-friendly lingerie. Right now, we’re wearing:

  • Lemonade Dolls’ brilliant partnership with Choose Love sees a refugee receive a pair of undies for every pair sold via their site. Their neon leopard designs are both size inclusive and sexy.
  • Pantee is a winner for our minimalist Instagram aesthetic crew. Their upcycled cotton designs are super comfy, they plant a tree for every order and are a genuinely thoughtful and long lasting alternative to fast fashion fixes.
  • TomboyX is a US-based, B Corp accredited brand making underwear that any body can feel comfortable in, wherever they are on the size or gender spectrum. We love their transparency regarding sourcing, manufacturing and management of the business, too - sustainability goals!

Want more?

  • Find out why we created gardening themed condoms to prevent STIs in the over 65s…
  • Fuck the planet. Dive inside our sustainable sexual wellness focus.
  • Not in bloom? Try our natural sex drive supplement, Libido Lift.


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