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Everything you need to know about our Water Based Lubricant

Everything you need to know about our Water Based Lubricant

Wed, Oct 30, 19 - HANX Official

What is water based lubricant and what makes our lubricant so special? 

Our lubricant is water based, long lasting, gentle, vegan, paraben free and like all HANX products, it's endorsed by medical professionals. 

Why a water based lubricant? 

The base of a lubricant is the most important ingredient, especially in a natural lubricant where the base can make up the vast majority of the product. We spent 8 months developing our lubricant and in that time we did some serious research before choosing a lubricant base. 

What are the benefits of HANX water based lubricant?

We discovered that water based lubricant is quite simply the best choice for all involved. Read on to discover why...

We researched oil-based lubricant

Whilst oil-based lubricants can’t be used with latex condoms, we know some people use other contraceptive methods. So we did some digging and we found that oil-based lubricants encourage bacteria growth, causing infections for both partners. We covered all our bases with a comparison of the benefits and downsides of water based and oil-based lubricant, water based came out on top. 

We did our due diligence on silicone-based lubricant too 

Silicone lubricant can irritate people who are sensitive down there and cannot be used with sex toys. We know that everyone can get sensitive down there, from time to time, and we firmly encourage the use and enjoyment of sex toys, so we gave a silicone-base a hard pass. 

Water based lubricant for the win 

Water based lubricant doesn’t trap bacteria, it’s kinder to a woman’s natural balance and it’s residue free, meaning no stickiness or mess on your sheets. Our water based lubricant is kind to your body, it’s naturally formulated without any nasty chemicals or parabens. Best of all, it’s texture resembles natural bodily lubricant so it feels amazing. 

Why does lubricant need to be vegan?

We believe we have a responsibility to look after Mother Earth and to do our bit to fight climate change. Animal agriculture has a significant impact on global warming and we want to do our best to create sustainable products that are kinder to the animals and to our planet. So all of our products are vegan certified. 

What does endorsed by medical professionals mean?

Our lubricant is designed with real bodies in mind. Our product development team work very closely with our co-founder and gynaecology doctor, Sarah Welsh. With her experience in the medical world, she ensures our formulas are gentle and kind to your body. So when you're being intimate with a partner or with yourself, the only thing on your mind is how much fun you're having. 

What is the best water based lubricant?

Well, do you have to ask... look no further!

How best to use lube during sex?

HANX lubricant is safe to use wherever, whenever with whoever turns you on:

  • Our lubricant is perfect for vaginal and anal sex
  • It's compatible with sex toys, vibrators, plugs
  • It's also compatible with condoms, naturally