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The Lowdown On Vegan Dating And Vegan Sex

The Lowdown On Vegan Dating And Vegan Sex

Billie Eilish. Halle Bailey. Joaquin Phoenix. Lizzo. Just some of the most famous vegan celebrities on the planet - and each a sex symbol in their own right. With around 1.5 million vegans in the UK (and the chance of bumping into Lizzo in Whole Foods), it’s no surprise that vegan dating is on the up... and alongside that, a steady rise in vegan sexual wellness startups. Well, if your wardrobe and skincare is plant-based, why not your sexy time essentials?
Dating when you’re vegan
Free vegan dating app Veggly celebrated over a million matches on its platform, bringing together more plant-loving pairs than ever before. Is it any wonder? Veganism can be a divisive lifestyle choice and many plant-based daters report trolling, teasing and most commonly, plenty of left swipes when they feature the magic word ‘vegan’ on mainstream apps. When given the option of getting that awkward “I don’t eat meat/dairy/honey/wear leather” conversation out of the way off the bat, it’s no wonder vegans are heading to a room of their own to meet ‘the one’. Plus, if you’re vegan and entering the world of dating, it makes total sense that you’d want to naturally match people who share similar values and an outlook on animal welfare, sustainability - and a mean chilli non carne recipe up their sleeve.
Between the Sheets
Onto the bit you really wanted to read about: vegan sex. Yes, really. Picture the scene: you’ve found your dream partner (for the hour, night or rest of your lives) but the story doesn’t stop there. Before you get down to it, it’s time to scrutinise the small print on your condom box. A big red flag for our vegan friends: most condoms aren’t actually vegan.

Why aren’t condoms vegan?
Let’s go back in time to the original form of our favourite contraceptive hero. Historically, condoms were actually made from lamb’s intestine. Not just non-vegan-friendly, these rudimentary contraceptives were actually porous and so didn’t protect their users from STIs. Luckily, sexual wellness methods have improved over the years, but the majority of leading condoms still contain casein, an animal protein found in cow’s milk that’s used as a binding agent. As well as throwing a spanner in the works for vegans who just wanna get it on, casein can cause allergic reactions. Not at HANX! We were determined to create a condom that vegan lovers could happily and confidently use, so we use a plant-based extract instead to create the silky smooth feeling without impacting animal welfare. 
Check our credentials
Unlike other condom brands which use animal-derived ingredients in the manufacturing process, we’re proud to confirm that our sexual wellness essentials are never tested on animals and our Condoms, Lubricant and Libido Lift desire supplement are all fully vegan certified by The Vegan Society. Veganism goes hand in hand with a broader consciousness about the growing climate crisis, too. We’ve heard firsthand from our customers how passionate they are about sustainability and we feel the same way about Mother Earth. Boner killing fact: of the nearly 10 billion condoms produced each year, most will end up in landfill. Yuck! We think it’s plain wrong that the simple act of getting it on can have a negative impact on our beautiful home, so we’re working on making HANX as sustainable as possible as we grow.

Can you buy vegan lubricant?
Time to drop more facts: that lubricant on your bedside table most likely isn’t vegan, either. Shock horror! Many lubes can contain lactoperoxidase, an enzyme derived from dairy, and shockingly, some use beeswax in their manufacturing process. It might not even occur to you to check your sexual wellness products for vegan certification but it’s important to look at the labels if you’re committed to plant-based play. Get scanning those labels as you go wild in the aisles! 

Can you find vegan lube in the UK?
We were determined to create a solution specifically for vegans and after a year spent tinkering in our production facility and feedback from our fanbase, we’re proud that our HANX Lube is officially vegan certified. If you have been using vegan alternatives so far, it’s important to look out for coconut oil in your lubricant’s ingredient list. It might sound trendy but it can disrupt the pH of the vagina making you more susceptible to infections. We specifically set out to create a lube that’s water-based to avoid this issue - and ensure it’s also compatible with sex toys, where oil based products aren’t. Plus, it’s long-lasting, hypoallergenic and contains a derivative of vitamin B5. We’ll swipe right on that!

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