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Mixed Doubles, Anyone? Why Getting Sporty Can Boost Your Libido

Mixed Doubles, Anyone? Why Getting Sporty Can Boost Your Libido

Sex life a little less Grand Slam, a little more tennis elbow? As the UK gets swept up in hopes of sporting success, the Euros to Wimbledon to the Paris Olympics ahead, there’s a lot to be admired about the world of athleticism. From hockey club short shorts on the high street (thanks, Paul Mescal) to pin ups on the pitch, sports can really get our imaginations racing - but did you know that getting active can also have a positive impact on your libido? That's right - taking part in sports can help boost your sex drive and improve your overall wellness. Join us as we delve into the reasons why breaking a sweat on the court or field can help support desire…

Endorphins, Baby 

One of the key ways in which playing sports can boost your libido is through the release of endorphins. For our gym-shy friends, yes, they really do exist. Endorphins are neurotransmitters that are produced by the brain in response to stress and pain. When you engage in physical activity, such as running, swimming, or playing tennis, your body releases endorphins, which can help to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase feelings of pleasure. In fact, a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that regular physical activity can lead to increased levels of testosterone in men, which is a hormone that plays a crucial role in sexual desire. So, by playing sports and exercising regularly, you could naturally boost your testosterone levels and support a healthy sex drive.


Let's Talk Blood Flow

Hormones are just the start. Playing sports can have a positive impact on your sexual performance, with regular physical activity helping to increase blood flow throughout the body. Crucially, that includes the genitals, which can help improve your level of arousal and sexual function. For example, more blood flow to your erogenous zones can increase vaginal lubrication, or how wet you get. Vaginal dryness can cause painful penetrative sex and really put you off getting it on, so plenty of lubrication is a winner for putting you in a positive mindset for sex.

Playing sports can help bedroom athletes in a few crucial areas: boosting your energy levels, reducing fatigue, and improving stamina. You don’t even need to be planning any exotic moves! Whether you're sprinting down the tennis court, hitting up a Barre class or taking part in weeknight football, moving our bodies can help to build strength, endurance, and flexibility that can result in a fulfilling (and filthy) sex life.


Big Mood

Sex isn’t just about the physical. Our own research shows that 46% of us attribute desire dips to low body confidence. Playing sports can not just shift our perspective on our body’s capabilities beyond living up to beauty standards, but it can also increase confidence and body image, which can have a direct impact on your libido. Exercising regularly and seeing improvements in your physical fitness can boost self-esteem and make you feel more attractive and desirable, both to yourself and to your partner/s.

And let's not forget about the social aspect of sports. Whether you're playing on a team or engaging in a friendly competitive game of footie in the park or volleyball on the beach with mates, sports can provide a sense of camaraderie and connection that can help to strengthen relationships and enhance intimacy. Sharing a common goal, sweating it out together towards a victory, and celebrating successes can all help to foster a sense of closeness and trust, which are key ingredients for a healthy and satisfying sex life. That’s before we even get onto the rise of running clubs as the new dating app... 

The news that dating app Tinder has launched a summer run club for singles, aptly named SoleMates, will come as no surprise to those who’ve tried out mass jogging. We speak from experience - even though the concept brings to mind sweaty red faces and stitches at inopportune times, is there any better time to meet a potential partner? You’re starting off from a shared interest, spending non-pressured time together in sexy sportswear and even have the promise of a post-run oat flat white to really get to know each other. 


Sexy Sports to Try

So, if you're looking to get your body moving and boost your libido at the same time, consider adding some sports to your weekly routine. From football to something a little more unusual, here are our top suggestions:

  • Inspired by the Lionesses? A recent report showed there are nearly twice as many female football teams registered in England, as there were seven years ago. Find your local team for a kickabout here.
  • Indulge your Whip It! dreams by joining a roller derby team. Don’t forget your helmet!
  • Hotties play Goal Defence. If netball was your jam, try picking it back up again - Queerballers are a London-based LGBTQ+ netball team who welcome those who are ready and raring to play the game.
  • If team sports make you break out in a (non-fun) sweat, that doesn’t mean you’re confined to the exercise bike. Frame Raves are all about moving, grooving, getting your body moving and enjoying the music. Bonus: they don’t require passing a ball to someone in the same colour of bib as you…

Remember: you don’t have to have the skill levels of a Raducanu or a Kelly. Whether it's a game of tennis, a jog around the park with a pal or trying out for your local badminton club, moving your body and breaking a sweat can have a positive impact on your desire, arousal, and overall sexual wellness. So lace up your Vinted-bargains Victoria Beckham x Reeboks, grab your racket, and get out there and play - your sex life will thank you!


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