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HANX x Phizz: How To Boost Your Sex Life

HANX x Phizz: How To Boost Your Sex Life

Bedroom athletes, we salute you. We’ve teamed up with our friends, and Sainsburys shelf siblings, Phizz, to explore how to boost your sex life this summer. Our love affair with the hydration heroes started with our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh, our resident Sporty Spice embarked on the Half Iron Man in Nice (for the uninitiated, that’s 2km of sea swimming, followed by a 90k cycle up 1500 metres and a tasty little half marathon at the end… all in 30 degree heat). A key part of her training? Phizz - and no, we’re not getting paid to say that.

Phizz is a science-led brand of all-in-one health supplements, expertly formulated to help you thrive every day. Transform your daily performance with our science-led 3-in-1 formula, featuring hydration, electrolytes, and essential vitamins.

With dating season swinging and our DMs pinging, Dr Sarah and the Phizz team share their tips for getting better at getting it on…




Building stamina is key to improving your sex life. Think about it like this: if you’re trying to hit Pornhub level rutting without so much as a warmup, you’re going wrong from the start. Over to Dr Sarah:

“Regular exercise can improve your overall cardiovascular health, plus your stamina. Couch to 5k is a great place to start, or checking out group classes in your local gym. You don’t need to become a gym bunny if that’s not your vibe, but making sure you’re getting in 30 mins of movement a day can be a big help. A walk around the park, Youtube Yoga session or weights in your bedroom all count!”



Raven Smith’s hilarious meme said it best. If you’re planning on getting jiggy but are fueled by just half a cup of oat flat white and a prayer, you’re probably not going to be on top form in the bedroom/bathroom/insert sex-location-of-choice. Don’t underestimate the impact of dehydration on your mental and physical health. Phizz explains:

“The average person drinks just 1.7 litres per day - well below the recommended 2.5L (for males) and 2L (for females). Just 1% dehydration can lead to fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps and concentration loss.” 

Dehydration is the fastest way to de-rail your workout. When you are dehydrated, muscle strength and power output are reduced. Your blood thickens, your heart works harder and your aerobic capacity drops. Your reaction times slow and perceived effort increases. Water is not enough, you also need to replace lost electrolytes to maintain muscle performance and prevent cramping. 

All massive mood killers - let alone restricted blood flow to the genitals, which can cause vaginal dryness and difficulties maintaining erections.

How to tackle dehydration:

  1. Drink fluids regularly throughout the day.
    Water and diluted squash are great options, especially if you alternate them with coffee and tea.  

  2. Give yourself a hand (oo-er).
    Phizz creates essential pieces of everyday life armour, and their innovative products are grounded in science and designed to simplify wellness. Their signature science-backed effervescent tablets combine multivitamins, rehydration and electrolytes, all in one convenient tablet. Whack in water either as a daily supplement, or when you need a burst of energy. Side note: we’re a big fan of an Apple and Blackcurrant flavoured Phizz dropped in chilled sparkling water the morning after the night before - and are our secret weapon in goodie bags at our summer/Christmas/just-because team HANX parties. (You’re welcome). Well, if it’s good enough for professional sports clubs including Saracens...

  3. Use water-based lubricant.
    Especially important if you’re having sex with/are somebody with a vulva: make sure to avoid friction-related irritation by using lube. Our ultra-gentle, water-based formula is pH matched to your body, to avoid yeast infections, ease discomfort and avoid tearing delicate skin. Add a pump or two to your condom, hand or straight onto your gentials to keep things moving and add much-needed hydration. 


What’s in your lunchbox can have an impact on your sex drive, too. Dr Sarah delightfully recommends “eating the rainbow. Plenty of colourful vegetables, nuts and seeds for a great source of vitamin E, alongside whole grains for zinc and greens and grains for magnesium.”

Here are three sexy foods that you might not realise have an effect on randiness: 

  • Dark chocolate: Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, theobromine and serotonin, a.k.a the chemicals we released when in love. Ditch the dairy milk and get a high cocoa content bar down you.
  • Cherries: this fruit has earned its reputation as an aphrodisiac due to being a stimulant of the production of pheromone – a hormone that results in sexual attraction.
  • Ginger: Fresh or ground, this spice induces blood circulation to improve stimulation and sexual arousal, increasing sensitivity in the erogenous zones.

In fact most of us aren’t actually giving our bodies what they need. Phizz explains:
“Over 50% of people don’t get the vitamins + minerals they need through their daily diet. Vitamins and minerals are needed to protect your immune system, convert energy into food and repair cellular damage.”

If you’re struggling to hit your five-a-day, or need a little extra fizz, their effervescent tablets are formulated to provide essential vitamins & minerals for natural energy, reduction in fatigue, normal functioning of the immune system and mental performance. 


Working on your headspace pre-sex is just as important as flexing your muscles. Devoting time to properly prepare for intimacy (however you define it), can help supercharge performance.

  • Female-founded app Kama is founded on the science-backed idea that pleasure is health. Watch expert tutoriasls, boost your confidence and learn new sex techniques.  
  • Dip into empowering erotica and non-performative pleasure with Dipsea, where over 50% of their voice artists are WOC. Ferly is an excellent audio guide for mindful sex, which is particularly helpful if you’re looking to increase your desire for sex.
  • The Sexual Wellness Sessions podcast is a thoughtful show hosted by Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, Kate Moyle. A massive supporter of HANX, Kate is also passionate about changing narratives, tackling feelings of shame around sex and discussing the normality of an imperfect sex life. Tune in and change the way you think about your performance, partners and perfect sex.

Geared up to get it on? Find both HANX and Phizz at Sainsburys stores and online. Learn more about Phizz’s innovative, science-backed effervescent tablets at and use code HANX20 for an exclusive 20% off (excluding product bundles).

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