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So, How Does Our Libido Lift Supplement Actually Work?

Female sexual desire is a topic that is frequently misunderstood, even though 47% of women experience lack of desire at some point in their lives. It’s time we remove the stigma around our libido, and tackle these issues head on.

After hearing our community’s concerns around desire fluctuation, we headed to our inspiration stations and developed our first ever supplement designed to support sex drive.  Our Co-Founder, Dr Sarah Welsh, knew we were onto something special based on her experiences working in NHS gynaecology:

“Before I started HANX with my best friend and business partner Farah, I was speaking to so many women in NHS clinics who struggled with low libido or mismatched libidos with their partner, and they reported how it was having a really detrimental effect on their sex lives. We wanted to create something that could help address some of the nutritional roadblocks that get in the way of a normal (for you!) sex drive, and also help women understand their bodies to better understand how they can help themselves.”


What can affect your Libido?

Some of the main causes of a low libido may include: 

  • Relationship issues 
  • Stress
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Hormonal Levels; this could be pregnancy induced, or lower hormonal levels due to Menopause 
  • Taking specific medication e.g. antidepressants or blood pressure medication 
  • Hormonal Contraception 

It’s important to consider that everyone is different and whilst one factor may affect one individual, it may be completely different for you!


Let’s get to the good bit

Libido Lift isn’t like the “little blue pill” you might have heard about for erection problems. We worked with our incredible nutritionist expert Shona Wilkinson to bring together all-natural ingredients that help to boost sexual arousal when you want to get in the mood.


“We were focused on ingredients that have scientific evidence of their arousal-boosting prowess, whether it’s the balancing of hormones, aiding mood and energy, or encouraging blood flow.” - Dr Sarah Welsh 


As a powder-based supplement, you can add Libido Lift to the drink of your choice: from hot chocolate to smoothie to champagne (fancy), give it a stir and sip to get in your feelings.

We also know from our community’s feedback that they sometimes find it hard to openly discuss lower libido. Over to Dr Sarah:


“Because you only need to take Libido Lift before getting in the mood, it really does help couples communicate about their sexual drive. It opens the door for many couples to discuss and set their intentions in the bedroom and what they want to get out of being intimate. It’s not just about the physical aspect, there is a big psychological aspect - it’s all about being mindful and ensuring you’re in the right headspace.”


The Science Behind Libido Lift

Maca Root Powder 

Maca is a plant that originates in the Peruvian Andes Mountains, it has been used for centuries to improve stamina. Incan warriors would consume large amounts of Maca root before going into battle (not too far off the current dating scene!). Hopefully, we won’t be needing any Maca for battle anytime soon but research has shown that Maca root can significantly improve sexual function and libido in comparison to a placebo. Research has also shown that women who suffer from antidepressant-induced low libido also saw an improvement in their sexual functioning after taking Maca root. All hail mighty Maca!  


Vitamin B6 

Fluctuating hormone levels can be due to a number of factors. Sex hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone need to be in proper balance with each other in order for a healthy sexual desire to occur. Vitamin B6 is a hormone balancing vitamin, and it is needed directly for the regulation of hormone activity. Serotonin, a chemical messenger that is responsible for keeping us happy and mentally stable. A massive part of sex drive is feeling sexy and good about yourself - and low levels of serotonin can massively throw your self-love train off the tracks. A good dose of Vitamin B6 can help regulate serotonin levels so you can get back to feeling like the bedroom badass you are. 


Tribulus Terrestris

Even though Tribulus Terrestris sounds like a spell you’d hear in Harry Potter, it’s actually a small plant you can find growing all around Eurasia. It is predominantly used in ayurvedic medicine - one of the oldest medical systems in the world and is still one of India’s main healthcare systems. There is research to suggest that Tribulus Terrestris can increase desire, arousal and sexual satisfaction in women who suffer from low libido.  



L-Arginine is an amino acid which is necessary for making proteins. L-Arginine is converted in the body to Nitric Oxide, which causes blood vessels to open wider to improve blood flow. Now, the good news is when we talk about improving blood flow to the body, we’re talking about the whooole body. L-Arginine can enhance blood flow to the genital area increasing sensitivity and arousal. Research has also found that L-Arginine can be especially helpful in alleviating some menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness


Maritime Pine Bark Extract

Maritime Pine Bark is extracted from pine trees on the mediterranean sea, and many cultures use different parts of the pine tree in their medicine. In terms of libido, Maritime Pine Bark Extract has been found to improve circulation and blood flow around the body as it influences Nitric oxide in the blood. In turn, this supports blood flow to the genitals which ultimately enhances genital health and lubrication. 

The Only Way Is Up

Making sure you’re boosting your nutrients with Libido Lift is just one element of navigating a fluctuating libido. From making sure we’re getting enough sleep to moving our bodies and managing our stress effectively, it’s important to take a holistic approach to your sex drive. Getting turned on isn't as simple as the metaphor might imply - so take the time to really tune into your body. Low libido may also be a sign that there could be an underlying problem affecting you whether that be with your health or your relationships, it’s important that if something feels wrong you always check up with your doctor before anything else.


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