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Introducing Intimate Care Treatments

Introducing Intimate Care Treatments

ūüí䬆Fed up of hanging on for a doctor's appointment?

ūü•ļ Don't want to reveal¬†a vaginal health issue to the entire chemist queue?

‚Źį No time to wait in line for thrush cream?

We’ve proudly kept all you babes safe, sexy and informed with our natural, sensitive condoms and lube since 2017. Now, we're championing your vaginal health, too. Right now, intimate care isn't working for everyone: 

  • Our recent¬†survey found that half of the respondents would be embarrassed to be seen carrying vaginal health treatments.
  • 52% do not like having to use intimate health products.
  • 43% would not tell family or friends if they were suffering from intimate health issues.
  • A¬†quarter are mistakenly under the impression that using soap will prevent vaginal issues including bacterial vaginosis, thrush and cystitis.

Looking at this data, it's clear there are two key issues we need to tackle when it comes to our bodies: shame and misinformation.


How we're tackling it

Introducing our same-day-dispatch intimate care treatments, designed to help banish itchy situations with just a couple of clicks. No jargon or judgement, just medication and straight-up info as honest as you and your BFF's Whatsapp chat. 

Together with our trusted pharmacy partner, we now offer gynae-backed, safe and effective treatments and relief for some of the most common vaginal ailments:

Not only are these treatment discreetly packed for maximum peace of mind, they come with straight forward instructions and information to banish any confusion. Over to our Co-Founder Farah to explain more:

"We hope this service will help to remove any shame or embarrassment attached to intimate health issues by encouraging as many women as possible to seek the help required, preventing any long-term issues that can occur from avoiding treatment.‚Ä̬†


How it works

  1. Add your preferred treatment or relief to your shopping bag.
  2. Before you checkout, you'll be directed to fill in a brief but important questionnaire about your health and current symptoms. (This info doesn't go any further than our pharmacy partners!).
  3. As soon as they've confirmed it's the right treatment for your symptoms, we'll post out your intimate care treatment straight to your door. No logos on the packaging, no listed ingredients on the box and all tucked safely away in a cotton HANX pouch.
  4. When it arrives, open and follow the super clear instructions inside.
  5. Breathe easy...
That's it. No more awks shuffles to the office loo with your treatments hidden up your sleeve, zero googling obscure terms, and no more lunch breaks wasted queueing at the pharmacy. Our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh says:

"As a medical doctor with experience in gynaecology, vaginal health and wellbeing is a topic very close to my heart. I find that many women are too embarrassed or unaware of the signs and symptoms of gynaecological health, which prevents them from being able to accurately pinpoint issues and feel unable to seek help. HANX is ensuring legitimate treatments for recognised conditions, in an accessible way, whilst also opening the conversation and educating on vaginal wellness.‚Ä̬†


Want more?

*If unsure of your condition, please seek advice from your GP/medical professional before purchase.

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