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How To Tackle Erectile Dysfunction Problems

How To Tackle Erectile Dysfunction Problems

Plums. Stones. Gonads. Winky. Pecker. Crown Jewels. Meat and two veg. Whatever you call them, any health issues relating to the penis and testicles can be a blush-worthy conversation for many. Our friends with penises often face ignorance, embarrassment or shame when it comes to talking about trouble with their tackle - and this has real impact on their health.

The good news? Change is afoot. We're big fans of erectile dysfunction experts & taboo busters Mojo. Founders and cousins Angus and Xander are taking a pill-free approach to helping the world get - and keep - better erections. What's more? They're refreshingly upfront about what's going on down there.

Mojo Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist Amanda Barge sits on a sofa in a blue top, smiling

Over to their Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist Amanda Barge to answer your hottest Qs when it comes to todgers, testicles and beyond...

  1. Why do I get low libido? How can I change it?

Libido can be knocked by many things – stress, physical ailments, relationship problems, depression, anxiety. The brain is our largest sex organ and it is important to understand how different factors can affect our sexual accelerators. Using mindfulness and getting back into our bodies can help with loss of desire, as well as communicating with our partners.

2. How do I talk to my partner about erectile dysfunction?

Talking to our partners about any sexual issue can seem daunting. Try to remember these tips, to help you during a conversation with your partner: 

  • It is best to try talking outside the bedroom
  • ED can feel very shameful and it is important to try and have empathy and gently try to start a conversation
  • Try and become more informed, this will help any conversations
  • Remain hopeful that things will change when the pressure is taken off the situation
  • Find more handy info over on the Mojo blog here.

3. It takes ages to ejaculate. How do I change this?

Ejaculation times can be affected by a number of things, normally when we get into our heads and out of our bodies we can notice it is more difficult to cum. Relaxation will be key, using mindfulness to get into a more aroused state. Communication with your partner will also ease the pressure and practising by yourself to see what heightens the pleasure in your body.

4. I ejaculate too quickly! What do I do?

Premature ejaculation is a very common issue and normally improves with practise. Start by trying the following things:

  • It will be important to get to know your ‘point of inevitability’ – using a scale of 0-10, practising going up the scale, bringing it back down
  • Relaxation exercises will be useful, especially around your buttocks and thighs
  • Mindfulness, noticing your negative thoughts and challenging them
  • Using visualisations of successful sex will also help

5. I'm dependent on porn to cum. How can I change this?

Using porn can make us reliant on visual stimulation. It is important to regularly try masturbating with no porn, using just touch and thoughts. It might take you a bit longer at the start, but you will soon get used to just touch and finding thoughts that arose you. This can help with your confidence around erections when you are with partners. Try to mix up your masturbating, using lube, trying different positions that might be more like having sex. Dive into more helpful advice on porn and erectile dysfunction with Mojo here.


  • Want to take better care of your testicles? Find out what to look for when checking your balls for testicular cancer here.
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Big thanks to Amanda and Team Mojo for the open, non-judgemental advice on all things weiner-related. For more advice on erection issues and taking care of your penis, check out the Mojo blog.

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