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Something Blue: The HANX Wedding Sex Survey

Something Blue: The HANX Wedding Sex Survey

Ever had a wedding hook up? Grab the confetti: August is the most popular month to get married in the UK, especially as we all play catch up on those nuptials postponed by COVID lockdowns. Our Co-Founder Dr Sarah Welsh’s condom-themed celebration got us in the mood to talk about something blue and rather taboo: wedding sex...

As couples play catchup on nuptials postponed by lockdown, many of us are headed to weddings this summer, and given the results of our research, possibly getting lucky, too...

The Wedding Sex Survey

There’s a popular belief that the intoxicating combo of floral arrangements, gift-wrapped toasters and first dances gets us all a little hot under the collar. So, we’ve quizzed the nation on their real experiences with getting it on post-nuptials, and the results would make Cupid blush. 

After surveying guests across the UK, our research shows that romance really is in the air, with 52% of guests admitting they’ve had sex at a wedding

  • Those who confessed to having sex with a member of the wedding party, 35% got it on with the Best Man. Blame the power of a hilarious speech…
  • Lust is clearly in the air, with respondents reporting wild behaviour at weddings including including:
    • Sneaking off to have sex in the bridal car
    • Receiving a blowjob from the mother of the bride
    • A foursome in a hot tub including the best man
    • Walking in on the bride’s parents going at it pre-ceremony
    • A longterm text-mance culminating in post-reception pegging

For those who heading to celebrations this summer, Dr Sarah shares her advice for safe wedding sex:

“Even when the free bar is flowing, try not to drink too much. Alternate alcoholic drinks with water or try a zero alcohol option instead, as it’s easy to put away more than you realise when you’re standing around in the sun, waiting for the happy couple’s photo session to finish. Overindulging in alcoholic drinks can lead to having risky sex without a condom, which exposes you to STIs and/or pregnancy. Remember to tuck a condom in your pocket in your luggage - you never know who you might be seated next to during the speeches…”

Contraception Conundrum
It wouldn’t be a HANX survey without tackling a contraception misconception. Media shows brides merrily throwing birth control pills into the night as they head off on honeymoon - but we wanted to know if that was the real experience of our couples. Turns out, weddings don’t mark ditching contraception for good.

  • In fact, 72% of married couples are still using contraception after their wedding night, and condoms are their favoured method.
  • Of these, 80% cite not being ready for children (or more children) as key motivation to continue using contraception.

Over to our Co-Founder, Farah Kabir:

“As a society, our attitudes towards marriage has evolved over the years. It’s not the phased house, wedding, babies route of the past. Our research shows that the trope of a wedding being the cue to stop birth control immediately post-wedding isn’t ringing true, with some happy couples already parenting without the intention to have more children, aren’t ready to make that life step or don’t intend to at all.”

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