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Socially Distant Dating During Lockdown with One Scream

Socially Distant Dating During Lockdown with One Scream

2020: cancelled tbh. But what if the lockdown silver lining is that you now have more time to seek out intimacy and pleasure than ever before? ✨  Enter the team from One Scream, the world's first voice-activated women's personal safety app. One Scream works silently in the background and is triggered by a Panic Scream, at which a text message and an automated call with your location are sent to your nominated contacts (you can add up to three in the app). Get set to brush up on the do’s, don’t and ‘right directions’ of dating (or not) during a global pandemic.



If you’ve been chatting to a special someone throughout lockdown, and are now looking at taking things into the real world, here are our tips on how to manage the transition. As the world opens up again, judging how you or your date feels about taking things from digital to analogue can be quite tricky to navigate.


Plus, it might feel like it’s been an AGE since you saw people you know and like meaningfully, so don’t pressure yourself to bounce back into dating. Even though it might feel like it’s been an absolute age since your last date. Don’t feel pressured to meet if you’re not feeling it, and if you’re still not sure about bars and restaurants just yet, here are some handy tips to help you move forward if you’re feeling ready to date, but don’t know what that looks like right now:


  1. Firstly, if you have absolutely no desire to, that’s totally fine

Guys, we’ve been living through a once in a lifetime event. So while it might feel like the rest of the world is rushing to get back to normal, you might be thinking “I’m quite alright by myself”. 



If you live alone, spending so much time by yourself might have been a bit of an eye-opener. Things have been odd, so rather than force yourself into a situation you’re not ready for, take your time. You’re doing great. 👏


  1. Pre-dates are your friend

If you’ve been all over dating sites or dating apps, messaging non-stop with someone and haven’t ventured into a virtual hang out just yet, use this as a great way to move things along, without the lurch into full-on face to face just yet.



Everyone’s approaching the world opening up again at a different pace, and so keeping things virtual, to begin with, might feel help reduce the nerves, especially if you haven’t been out much yet. Bumble’s video calling functionality allows you to do just that while maintaining a sense of security. Phew! 🔐


  1. Trust your instincts

If you’re getting a weird vibe, or the other person is pushing maybe a little too much to meet in person if you’re just not feeling it, then give them the swerve. Pause your communications and give yourself a break. If it’s making you feel uncomfortable, then stop communicating with them and contact the app provider to tell them about this individual. It could help protect others.



  1. Be creative (and socially distant) with your dates

Picnics in a park are a nice way to do IRL, but at a safe distance. Meet somewhere mutually convenient, tell your friend where you’re meeting and hope for good weather! Plus, the no-no on sharing means you get to a) bring whatever you want and b) not worry about the polite “you have it, no you” over the last Quorn Cocktail Sausage. Result. 


We also heard of people hiring separate canoes for a pootle down a canal, which is guaranteed to make a good story in any case - concentrating on paddling in the right direction, mastering conversation and not crashing into your date certainly sounds like good fun to us!



If the weather’s not so great, we’ve heard of people having dates in separate cars with their windows rolled down (and one couple who are now engaged, after such a meeting). 


  1. Tell friends and family what you’re doing

Chances are if you’re mega excited about it you’ll have told some loved ones anyway. Tell your loved ones, if you need another opinion on a date location, a debrief after an initial virtual meeting or need a small selection of people on speed dial to help you feel safe. 



  1. Remember there’s a toolkit to help you

Charge your phone before you go out. 


Ask For Angela is a great resource that's been around for a while now, you might have spotted it on a poster or two in the bathroom of bar... Perfect if you’re in a pub and your date is being inappropriate or making you feel uncomfortable. The bar staff will be trained to see you’re taken care of and out of harm’s way.


Download One Scream and use the app each time you head out. Add up to three contacts from your loved ones, and leave us running silently in the background of your phone. We’ve designed the app to be light on battery use, but as with everything, it all depends on how much you have running in the background, but with a fresh charge, we’ll see you through dinner, drinks or a canoe ride. 


Stay safe! X


Thanks, Team One Scream! You can find out more about One Scream here and let us know about your locked down love life over on our no-holds-barred forum...

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